We're taking a last look at the iconic moments of 2016 through the lenses of SURFER's staff photographers. First up is Todd Glaser, whose travels took him to some of the biggest storylines of the year, from an all-star invitee list at Kelly's Wave Pool to an all-time swell at Cloudbreak in May. "This year, I had the chance to focus on quality waves," says Glaser. "For me, it was especially neat to see [Ryan] Burch score Cloudbreak on a self-shaped board, and them to return to Fiji on an all-time day and get the SURFER cover and validate the quality of the boards he’s making. Kelly’s Wave Pool had to be one of my favorite moments, too. It's a testament to Kelly’s work that he really believed in making a manmade wave possible, and a testament to the work of the engineers who worked on it. The entire year was incredibly full, and awesome to follow."

Above Photo: Jojo Roper, San Diego; Title Photo: Kelly Slater, Lemoore, California

Rob Machado, San Diego

Kelly Slater, 2016 Volcom Pipe Pro

2016 Volcom Pipe Pro

Grant "Twiggy" Baker, The Eddie Aikau Invitational, Waimea Bay

Dane Gudauskas, Cloudbreak

Greg Long, Tavarua. "This was the same day that Dane got his wave, and when Aaron Gold was rescued after his wipeout," says Glaser. "Greg was enjoying a well-earned beer after the session, and I happened to catch it."

Bethany Hamilton, Restaurants. "Cloudbreak was big and a little unruly this day, but Restaurants was perfect," says Glaser. "Bethany probably surfed it for 8 hours like this, and guys like Dane came over to watch."

Jarrod White, Cloudbreak

Ryan Burch, Cloudbreak

Alex Gray, Cloudbreak

Ryan Burch, Cloudbreak

Andy Dustow, Cloudbreak. "Andy's a boatman from Byron Bay, and he’d been in Fiji for a month already," says Glaser. "This was his last day before leaving, and his last wave. What I like about this shot is how perfect the wave is. Andy is a pretty tall guy, about 6’3”, and he’s inside this perfectly shaped wave."

Andy Dustow, Cloudbreak

Conner Coffin, Tahiti

Michel Bourez, 2016 Hurley Pro. "The conditions at Lowers during the contest weren’t spectacular," says Glaser. "When that happens, I enjoy focusing on one theme or one approach for an entire session, or even for an entire day. This year, it was the speedblur shots."

Ryan Burch, Southern California. "I shot a lot of Burch this year," says Glaser. "He’s really photogenic, whether it’s 1-foot or 20-foot. This was near my home in North County, San Diego. We’ve grown up surfing together and surf pretty frequently with each other. I was on a walk with my wife on the beach, and I had my camera with me as he surfed by, so I shot a few photos of him. Ryan really makes surfing look fun. Combined with his handshaped boards, the way that he’s surfing is unlike anyone who I see today. I think that makes his images so unique and interesting."

Kanoa Igarashi, Kelly's Wave Pool. "I like how he got off the lip on this one," says Glaser. "I don’t shoot a lot of high performance aerial maneuvers. But this moment caught my attention."

Stephanie Gilmore, Kelly's Wave Pool