We’ve spent the last week taking one final look at the iconic moments of 2016 through the lens of SURFER's staff photographers. From Todd Glaser to Ryan “Chachi” Craig, the selections have been nothing less than mesmerizing. Up now is Oahu’s Zak Noyle, whose year included running around the globe with the RVCA gang, posting up in the impact zone from Off The Wall to Pipeline, and chasing Jaws swells with Ian Walsh for Distance Between Dreams. But nothing was as memorable for Noyle as swimming at Waimea Bay for eight hours straight during The Eddie Aikau Invitational. “It was single-handedly one of the craziest things I’ve ever done," says Noyle. "But the Eddie hadn’t run in seven years, so why would I go in for 15 minutes and potentially miss the best wave of the day? That will go down as one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. It will be one of the highlights of my life.” - Interviewed by Garrett James

Above Photo: Mark Healey, Waimea Bay; Title Photo: Bruce Irons, Mexico

Wiggolly Dantas, Pipeline. “Wiggolly always seems to get a good wave out at Pipeline. He puts in his time out there, and he's respected for it. It was a tough crowd after the Volcom Pipe Pro during this day and the waves were perfect. But Wiggolly was still able to get wave after wave.”

Shane Dorian, Jaws. “I was over at Jaws for every single swell this past winter, all of El Niño. I was working with Ian Walsh for Distance Between Dreams, posted on the back of the ski shooting photos day in and day out. It was crazy to witness history being made. I don’t think we’ll every see waves like that again.”

Jamie Mitchell, Jaws

Gavin Beschen, Pipeline. "Gavin is one of those guys that has this crazy, amazing ability in the water. You put him on a wave like this wild west one at Pipe, and he’s going to make it look good."

Dane Gudauskas, Teahupoo

Bruce Irons, Mexico. “Alex Gray, Bruce Irons, Danny Fuller, and I went down to this wave during the Puerto Big Wave contest, during that massive swell. The wave are really only good in the morning before the wind blows out. But seeing Bruce in waves like this was insane. He’s so calm and casual.”

Alex Gray, Mexico

Danny Fuller, Mexico

Bruce Irons, Mexico

Mikey Bruneau, Pipeline

Michael Ho, Opening Ceremony of The Eddie Aikau Invitational. “This was the first year that Uncle Clyde didn’t lead the Eddie Ceremony. Instead, it was Uncle Mike Ho, and the ceremony didn’t skip a beat. It was special to see Mike as that changing of the guard for the generations to come."

Gavin Beschen, Off The Wall

Zeke Lau, Off The Wall. “I’m so stoked to see Zeke make it on Tour. I’ve known Zeke for a really long time. To see him progress, change, and dial in his work ethic has been special. I feel like he’s going to scare a lot of guys next year.”

Ian Walsh, Jaws

Kala Alexander, Waimea Bay

Koa Rothman, Backdoor. "To see Koa and the next generation of North Shore surfers coming up through the ranks is crazy. They’ve made a name for themselves with their style on the biggest waves that come through."

Tyler Newton, Off The Wall

Bruce Irons, Off The Wall. "I had wanted to get a good shot of Bruce all winter, like a sort of ‘coming back’ shot. For me. this is that shot. If you look at this photo from afar, you might even think it’s Andy – the face, the style, everything."