2017 Surfboard And Surfboard Accessory Guide
2017 Surfboard & Accessory Guide Presented by REAL

Everything you need to know about your next board. Plus, Check out our Experience Key , and learn more about the Shapers below.

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  • Album Surf
  • BoardLams
  • Carver Skateboards
  • Channel Islands Surfboards
  • Chemistry Surfboards
  • Colt Surfboards
  • Creatures of Leisure
  • Dakine
  • FCS
  • Firewire Surfboards
  • Futures
  • Indo Board Balance Trainer
  • JS Industries
  • Piety
  • Pro-Lite
  • Proctor Surfboards
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  • Sector 9
  • Sharp Eye
  • Slater Designs
  • Surftech
  • Tomo
  • Town & Country
  • Tyler Warren Shapes
  • Varial Surf Technology
  • Wave Riding Vehicles

Experience Key
  • Beginner to Novice
    Sure, you're still learning your way around a lineup, but you're having a blast figuring out the basics, and your skills are noticeably improving after every session. You're not ripping yet, but you're damn sure you will be soon enough. You need a board to help you iron out those kinks.
  • Intermediate to Advanced
    You know how to match the right board to the conditions, judge what an oncoming section will do, and then do something with it. Deep tubes and lofty airs aren't exactly your forte, but that sure as hell isn't going to stop you from trying. You need a board that will keep you progressing and increasing that make ratio.
  • Expert to Pro
    You've already got a solid quiver, and you know how to use it. You've traveled far and wide, turning heads along the way with your barrel- riding savvy, adept rail work, and penchant for punts. All you really need now is a surfboard that can keep up.

Featured Shapers