All photos by Jimmicane

Words by Dayton Silva

Packed within the board bags, backpacks, passports and plane rides of every surf trip are countless layers of hope. Hope that the trip will pan out like it has so many times in your dreams. Hope that the waves will deliver and the weather will cooperate. Hope that all things will go as planned – maybe even better.

But sometimes fate has other plans – unfortunately Parker Coffin, Dylan Graves, Dane Gudauskas and Ben Bourgeois know this all too well.

On a recent leap-of-faith mission to a wave that is fickle at best, the crew found themselves searching for needles in an, albeit photogenic, haystack. When all was said and done, the perfection that they had so anxiously envisioned just was not there.

But what they did walk away with were plenty of good times, a fistful of fun waves, and some genuinely unforgettable memories with close friends. And that’s all you can really hope for in a surf trip, right?