All photos by Corey Wilson

Words by Peter Taras

By now, you probably know senior lensman Corey Wilson is on an endless cycle of travel. We go weeks at a time communicating only from a Dropbox folder. The only words ever exchanged? “Upload" and "download complete." And yet, it works.

When we finally do talk, it’s a rush to cross our t’s and dot our i’s. Social, print, web. Do we have everything from you Corey? Ok good, see you next month. It’s constant cycle of quick exchanges. The modern day media house life of feeding the beast.

But to Corey, it’s all about photography and capturing moments of his best friends. And that’s what it should be for him. Finally home from another streak of Rip Curl Search strikes, scatters and giant prints litter the floor of his Newport Beach home in every range of color, grain, and tonality. He’s up to his neck on another personal photo project. And right there, it just shows you how invested Corey is on capturing peoples lives in a still photography world.

Before we depart, Corey tells us about the latest mission with the Search posse. “The morning after Jbay finished, Gabriel, Wilko and me hopped on a plane. A lot of these trips we have no clue where we are heading to. We just get on the plane and go. That's the best part about it, you don't know what to expect. A couple plane rides and a few boat rides later we woke up to pumping left hand points. For three days straight the boys were giving it hell out there. Eight hours sessions each day. By the end of the swell everyone was burnt to crisp. With the swell dying we still had a few more days till our flights home so we decided to have a little vacation. I hadn’t done that in a while! We rented scooters, partied, shot off fireworks. Straight comedy."