Agents of Change: Surfing the Nations

Sharing Surfing with North Korea

For most surfers who are intrigued by North Korea's untapped wave potential, their curiosity is satisfied by simply scrolling the country's coastline from the safety of Google Maps - from which it appears there are indeed fairly fun-lo[...]

Agents of Change: The Young and Brave Foundation

Agents of Change: The Young and Brave

Imagine the shock a person goes through when given a cancer diagnosis. The overwhelming burden of the unknown is an emotion only those who’ve experienced the harrowing news can know. In 2009, surfer Nathaniel Curran and Matt Coul[...]

Charging For A Cause

Agents Of Change: Charging For A Cause

Like most people who frequently charge house-sized waves, 24-year-old surfer Torsten Durkan spends ample time out at Jaws and Nazare just for the love of it. The rush, the adrenaline, the feeling of flying down the face of gigantic wal[...]

Surfing For All

Surfing For All

On a warm summer morning nearly ten years ago, Cliff Skudin of Long Beach, NY stumbled upon a surf outing for autistic children at a local beach. Unexpectedly, he was asked to participate as a coach, and he agreed to take a young boy o[...]

Leaving the Streets Behind

Leaving the Streets Behind

Speaking with eighteen-year-old South African surfer Ntando Msibi, aka “Biggy Smiles,” he comes off like any promising young shredder lucky enough to grow up along Durban's surf-drenched Golden Mile. Excitedly discussing hi[...]