Ask a Local: Your cure for curing.

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Q: I just got a new 6'2" and I'm dying to ride it. But how long should I wait after it comes back from the glasser? Is letting a board "cure" a myth?
--Ben Tennet, Seaside Heights, NJ

A: That all depends on your perspective, and what you consider to be a myth. Like any other chemical reaction, when fiberglass resin cures it takes place over a certain period of time. But just how long that takes is the part that's up for debate--and dependant on a wide array of factors. Certain manufacturers will go so far as to put a "do not ride before" date on their boards to mitigate any negative affects from premature shredding. But if you're looking for a good rule of thumb, something that's applicable for any recently glassed board, it seems like a few days should be good enough. "I am not really a chemistry expert," says ...Lost's Matt Biolos, "but the most educated people I've talked to say the majority of polyurethane resins are fully hardened within 72 hours. Epoxies are varied, but in general, if heat cured, they're ready to go right out of the oven."