After the completion of the Surfing America USA Championships on Sunday, a new team was chosen to represent the US. Under head coach Ian Cairns, only 12 of the 21 young shredders will be able to travel to next years Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships.

Names like Kolohe Andino, Evan Geiselman, Conner Coffin, Lakey Peterson, and Luke Davis have not only had a considerable amount of experience for their young age, but also possess a level of skill that far surpasses anything we've seen from their age group. Expect big things from this group of wonder-kids.

Boys Under 18
Kolohe Andino – San Clemente, CA
Evan Geiselman – New Smyrna Beach, CA
Conner Coffin – Santa Barbara, CA
Luke Davis – Capistrano Beach, CA
Jake Halstead – La Jolla, CA
Trevor Thornton – San Clemente, CA
Derek Peters – Huntington Beach, CA

Boys Under 16
Parker Coffin – Santa Barbara, CA
Colin Moran – Costa Mesa, CA
Taylor Clark – Encinitas, CA
Jacob Davis – Capistrano Beach, CA
Skip McCullough – La Jolla, CA
Kanoa Igarashi – Huntington Beach, CA
Jake Marshall – Encinitas, CA

Girls Under 18
Lakey Peterson – Santa Barbara, CA
Quincy Davis – Montauk, NY
Nikki Viesins – Indialantic, FL
Jasset Umbel – Melbourne Beach, FL
Kulia Doherty – San Clemente, CA
Catherine Clark – Ventura, CA
Frankie Harrer – Malibu, CA