22nd Annual Dale Velzy Surf Classic & Luau

The Doheny Longboard Surfing Association was very proud to honor the Velzy family at this year's Dale Velzy Classic and Luau at Doheny State Park on September 17th, 2011. The event boasted everything from classic Longboard surfing, traditional paddle racing, stand-up paddle racing (SUP), and even a World Class Tandem surf contest. Surfers ranging in ages from 9 to the late 70's gave their all for this annual event. The early morning surf contest started out with a south wind and drizzle. As the hardy competitors arrived a few left the beach, but those who were ready to compete stayed and surfed the less than grand conditions the morning threw at us. At 8am the wind stopped and by 10am we were in sun and a wonderful day of surfing was had by all. The Hawk "Dale Velzy" must have smiled down on the contest and we were blessed with small perfect Doheny Boneyard surf. A great crowd of supporters lined the beach as each round of competitors began their respective heats. Some of the most incredible surfing of the day came from the young men's and women's divisions, as well as Tandem finals and Mickey Munoz ripping in the SUP finals. They showed great style and grace in the 1 to 3 foot surf, really lighting up the crowd of onlookers. What a great way to end the summer, surfing in a "family friendly" competition.

At 3pm the gate opened up for the Dale Velzy Classic Luau. Fran, Matt and Meleea Velzy were in attendance and expressed their appreciation for this event, held each year in Dale Velzy's honor. The competitors mingled with all of the guests, as the DLSA cooks prepared a fantastic Hawaiian meal. At the end of dinner we were all treated to the Polynesian Dance Review, showing some awesome fire dancing to all of the spectators crowded around the show. Some very lucky individuals won Coral Reef wetsuits and the grand prize, a beautiful classic Dale Velzy surfboard. The evening was capped by "The Eliminators" surf band rocking us as we all danced under the stars till the close of the Doheny State Park.

Proceeds from the event are used to support the Doheny Longboard Surfing Association and it's many charities, including the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association, The Ronald McDonald House, The Surfing Heritage Foundation, as well as the DLSA Scholarship Fund.

Bobby Knox
DLSA Media & PR contact

22nd Annual Dale Velzy Surf Classic & Luau

60-69 Legend Final 50-59 Grand Master Final

1st Chuck McElvain 1st Mark Calkins
2nd Steve Stirret 2nd Steve Tate
3rd Bob Ramirez 3rd Ed McMillen
4th Mike Swenson 4th John Gillam
5th Richard Peterson 5th Tim McCollum
6th Steve Zivolich 6th Tony Alvarado

14 Under Boys Final 14 Under Girls Final
1st Dylan Cox 1st Rachael Tilly
2nd Kyle Perez 2nd Kaily Biggs
3rd Chad Biggs 3rd Meg Roh
4th Rio Donaldson 4th Claire Roh
5th River Covey 5th Hayden Renee
6th Michael Tilly

15-19 Junior Men Final 15-29 Junior Women Final

1st Noah Cardoza 1st Karina Rozunko
2nd Perry Rohr 2nd Halley Rohr
3rd Ben Cardoza 3rd Hallie Frasco
4th Brock Thomson 4th Nicole Kolpfer
5th Sunny Scarbough

20-29 Men Final 30-39 Senior Men Final

1st Darren Eudaly 1st Jeremy Porfilio
2nd Josh Rapozo 2nd Brendy Garske
3rd Matt Suckel 3rd Kurt Hurley
4th Max Dexter 4th Lucha Libre
5th Jon Perino
6th Rick Ekstein

40-49 Master Men Final 45 + Women Final

1st Guy Takahama 1st Katie Calkins
2nd Rubio Smith 2nd Elen Petrus
3rd John Coshland 3rd Linda Trimm
4th James Moore 4th Lorraine Schamaler
5th Terry Gillard 5th Jeanette Francis
6th Jiro Ikeda 6th Shirlene Bobroff

Extreme Legends Final 19-44 Women Final

1st Russ Elwell 1st Marissa Berry
2nd Connie Hurst
3rd Biz Bittis
4th Christina Robinson
5th Kristen Huntington

SUP Final Tandem Final

1st Daniel Hughes 1st Clay & Kristen
2nd Matthew Hughes 2nd Mark & Beth
3rd Jeremy Porfilio 3rd Landon & Casandra
4th Mickey Munoz 4th Myra & Charley
5th Diane wenzel 5th Chris & Wendy
6th Tony Alvardo

Paddle Race Finals

Juniors Masters

1st Jiro Ikeda 1st Rachael Tilly
2nd Rubio Smith 2nd Kailey Biggs
3rd Landon Yacobucci 3rd Rio Donaldson