Action Heats Up on Day Four of SIMA Surfing America US Championships


San Juan Capistrano, Calif. (Aug 28, 2009) – The dog days of summer are upon us as the mercury on the beach today broke into the low 90’s, but nothing was hotter than the action in the water on Day 4 of the 2009 SIMA Surfing America USA Championships presented by Verizon Wireless a the best amateur surfers in the nation battle it out for USA Championship Titles and coveted slots on the 2010 PacSun USA Surf Team.

The tropics have been churning out fun, overhead surf and with the uncharacteristically calm wind today, the surf on the South Side of the Huntington Beach Pier remained groomed into long glassy lines all day long and the athletes were more than happy to take advange of the favorable conditions.
Those who made the most of the size able surf on tap and advanced into the next rounds include the top two finishers in each division:

Boys Under 18 (ISA) Quarter-Finals Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Evan Thompson (FL), Dylan Goodale (HI), Christian Seanz (CA), Taylor Brothers (FL)
Heat 2: Andrew Doheny (CA), Victor Done (CA), Jacob Halstead (CA), Nick Rupp (CA)
Heat 3: Luke Davis (CA) Kolohe Andino (CA), Jared Cassidy (CA), Ian Crane (CA)
Heat 4: Conner Coffin (CA), Nathan Carvalho (HI), Austin Granz (CA), Shaw Kobayashi (CA)

Boys Under 16 (ISA) Quarter-Finals Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Parker Coffin (CA), Trever Thornton (CA), Matty Lopez (CA), Josh Giddings (CA)
Heat 2: Kolohe Andino (CA), Andrew Jacobson (CA), Colin Moran (CA), Roy Carvalho (HI)
Heat 3: Conner Coffin (CA), Luke Davis (CA), Scott Weinhardt (CA), Jonah Carter (CA)
Heat 4: Ian Crane (CA), Dylan Kowalski (CA), Jacob Halstead (CA), Taylor Clark (CA)

Girls Under 18 (ISA) Round 2 Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Lakey Peterson (CA), Courtney Conlogue (CA), Marissa Shaw (CA), Catherine Clark (CA)
Heat 2: Quincy Davis (FL), Jasset Umbel (FL), Taylor Pitz (CA), Frankie Harrer (CA)
Heat 3: Natalie Anzivino (CA), Kaleigh Gilchrist (CA), Lani Doherty (HI), Shelby Detmers (CA)

Girls Under 16 Round 1 Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Savannah Bradley (FL), Quincy Davis (NY), Dax McGill (HI), Melina Smith (CA)
Heat 2: Lakey Peterson (CA), Kiana Fores (HI), Shelby Detmers (CA), Alexis Elan Ross (CA)
Heat 3: Emmy Merrill (CA), Darsha Pigford (SC), Lulu Erkeneff (CA), Madi Swayne (CA)
Heat 4: Jasset Umbel (FL) Catherine Clark (CA), Charlotte Shanahan (CA), Kalani Balcom (TX)

Boys Under 14 Round 1 Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Konoa Igarashi (CA), Andrew Jacobson (CA) Jake Kelley (CA), Vincent Scroggs (TX)
Heat 2: Kadin Panesi (CA), Nic Hdez (CA) Jay Christensen (CA), Pat Schimdt (NJ)
Heat 3: Colin Moran (CA), Jake Marshall (CA), Cole Walter (CA), Chris O’Donnell (FL)
Heat 4: Taylor Clark (CA), Knox Harris (NC), Tyler Gunter (CA), John Elles (CA)
Heat 5: Cameron Richards (SC), Jacob Davis (CA), Kei Kobayashi (CA), John Mel (CA)
Heat 6: Parker Coffin (CA), Daniel Glenn (FL), Brogie Panesi (CA), Griffen Colapinto (CA)

Girls Under 14 Round 1 Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Lulu Erkeneff (CA), Maluhia Kinimaka (HI), Kiana Fores (HI), Kylie Loveland (CA)
Heat 2: Kulia Doherty (HI), Nikki Viesins (FL), Dax McGill (HI), Frankie Harrer (CA)
Heat 3: Bailey Nagy (HI), Darsha Pigford (NC), Shelby Schweitzer (HI), Avalon Johnson (CA)

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Tomorrow’s action kicks off with the Boy’s Under 12 division at 8:00 a.m., but it will be an early day for competitors as PacSun’s Battle of the Brands is set to begin at 1:00 p.m. This special event is a fun, industry contest in which each of the Surfing America industry brand and media sponsors have selected surfers to compete on their behalf. Brand teams from Billabong, Hurley, Quiksilver, O’Neill, and Rip Curl will compete in a tag team format for an exclusive, in-store promotion with all PacSun stores across the nation. While Surfing America’s Media partners, Surfing, SURFER, TransworldSURF, and Fuel TV, will go head to head in the water for their chance to score a $10,000 increase in PacSun’s scheduled advertising buy for 2010.

Catch tomorrow’s LIVE action from the comfort of your own, air conditioned home by logging onto or for the LIVE webcast featuring hosts Dave Stanfield and Peter Mel with a roster of special guests.

Special thanks go out to all of the event sponsors: SIMA, Verizon Wireless, PacSun, Billabong, Hurley, O’Neill, New Era, Quiksilver, and Rip Curl. Additional, thanks to Gatorade-the official beverage of the SIMA Surfing America USA Championships presented by Verizon Wireless. Their investment, along with the support of media partners, SURFER Magazine, Fuel TV, Surfline, TransworldSURF, and Surfing Magazine, are integral components to the success of the event.
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