KAZETA BEACH, Nichinan / Miyazaki (Sunday, October 16th, 2011) – 2011 ASP Japan Tour Final Event Real Bvoice Pro Longboard Nichinan Press by MALIBU went in action for the final day this morning at Shojyuen or Kazeta Beach, Nichinan in Miyazaki and crowned 2011 men's and women's champions this afternoon respectively.

The conditions at Kazeta Beach this morning were 1 to 2 ft. (1.5 meters) with clean conditions. In sunny skies this morning at first call contest director Shigeki Kawai called the finest longboarders to go straight in action for final day. The majority of Japan is already enjoying the cool autumn breeze but here in Miyazaki in south Japan it is still summer. Last week surfers who competed for the MALIBU Hyuga Pro Longboard held a little north at Hyuga have driven a few hours south to Nichinan Beach for this event.

Women's semi finals heat 1 was a showdown of Mizue Oguri (JPN) and Juri Warisawa (JPN) and in heat 2 was Satoko Ukeguchi (JPN) and Hiroka Yoshikawa (JPN). Mizue Oguri and Hiroka Yoshikawa moved to the finals and ASP WLT surfer Hiroka Yoshikawa captured her maiden victory.

Men's semi finals heat 1 was Bonga Perkins (HAW) and Yuzuru Shinjo (JPN) and heat 2 was Yuji Hata (JPN) and Scotty Fong Jr. (HAW). 2 Hawaiians and 2 Japanese made the semifinals and the finals were a showdown of Hawaii vs. Japan. Bonga Perkins and Yuji Hata.

Former 2 times ASP Longboard World Champion Bonga Perkins (HAW) overtook Yuji Hata (JPN) by 13.25 to 8.75points and Perkins is 2011 champion and defends his event champion title.

Real B Voice Pro Longboard 2011 Final Results:
Women's LQS 1 STAR
1st:250Pts, U$1,000: Hiroka Yoshikawa (JPN)
2nd:188Pts, U$400: Mizue Oguri (JPN)
3rd place, 141Pts, U$200 :Juri Warisaya (JPN) Satoko Ukeguchi (JPN)

Men's LQS 2 STAR
1st:500Pts, U$2,500: Bonga Perkins (HAW)
2nd:375Pts, U$1,500: Yuji Hata (JPN)
3rd place, 281Pts, U$1,000: Yuzuru Shinjo (JPN) Scotty Jr.Fong (HAW)

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