Brett Simpson Set for ASP Dream Tour Debut

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California (Sunday, February 21, 2010) – Huntington Beach local Brett Simpson, 25, is ready to launch his long awaited rookie campaign on the ASP World Tour, where he has earned the opportunity to showcase his talents alongside the finest competitive surfing talent that the globe has to offer. After already kicking of his 2010 season with a solid start at the ASP 6-Star PRIME in Brazil, Simpson will throw on a jersey as an official member of the ASP World Tour for the first time next week.

Simpson, who fell just short of qualification his spot amongst the ASP World Tour over the past few years, made serious headway over the 2009 ASP WQS field by clinching the ASP 6-Star Hurley U.S. Open and secured his slot amongst the international field making up the Top 45 by staying impressively consistent throughout the back half of the season.

Although the Huntington Beach native is about to embark on his first season on the ASP World Tour, the upcoming Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast will not be the first time Simpson has competed in an ASP Dream Tour event. The progressive natural-footer donated a lasting first impression amongst the best by topping perennial ASP World Title threat and competitive veteran Taj Burrow (AUS), 31, as a wildcard at the Hurley Pro Trestles in both 2008 and 2009 and now Simpson is now hoping that his introduction to ASP World Tour competition over the past two years will help relax his nerves as he enters his first season as a full-time competitor.

“Surfing the Hurley Pro definitely helps with my confidence going into this year, because at least I know a little bit of what to expect,” Simpson said. “I don’t have any nerves; I’m more just excited than anything! I’ve been in a few events and I understand what it’s like to compete on a bigger stage, so it’s just about going out there relaxed and going 100 percent every move and hopefully it pays off!”

With a bit of a break in between the completion of the 2009 year and the 2010 kickoff, Simpson capitalized on his down-time by training in the gym while reveling in the excellent surf on tap this winter in California.

“I’ve been surfing some great waves at home,” Simpson said. “It’s probably been one of our best winters in years. We’ve had waves literally everyday and it’s been good most of the time! Other than that, I’ve been training a little bit with the boys over at D.S.C and getting in the best shape I can while still feeling good!”

Simpson has now shifted his entire focus to the upcoming Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, held at one of the world’s most premier righthand sand-bottom pointbreaks of Snapper Rocks and expects the upcoming year to kickoff with a bang.

“Surfing Snappers is definitely like an arena,” Simpson said. “With the rocks and the waves breaking so close to shore, it’s an amazing venue and with the waves being a skate park, I’m sure there will be some amazing surfing going down!”

See how Simpson’s 2010 ASP Dream Tour debut unfolds by watching the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast LIVE from February 27 through March 10, 2010 via