Coca-Cola ISC Tour Announces the Coke Zero Longboard Competition at Kuta Beach


The Coca-Cola Indonesian Surfing Championship Tour proudly announces the inaugural Coke Zero Longboard Competition, to be held at Kuta Beach on Friday the 23rd of October.

This first ever Coca-Cola ISC Longboard competition will toe up on the famous Kuta Beach surf venue of Halfways, where the numerous sandbanks offer up rights and lefts on all tides to challenge the contestants and provide massive amounts of entertainment for the spectators on the beach.

Bali has never had a reputation as an epic longboard haven, but that is about to change as an international field of longboarders take to the waves of Kuta Beach to show the world how it’s done…Bali style! Bali has it’s own crew of toe’s-on-the-noser’s, and they will be joined by others from as far away as the Philippines, Japan, Brazil, and Hawaii.

With a prize purse of 5,000,000 (rupiah) at stake, half of it going to the winner, and an entry fee of only 200,000 (rupiah), the podium finishers will go home with a bit of cash, a trophy, and the prestige of competing and winning in a truly historic event….the first Coca-Cola ISC Tour Longboard Division event.

In addition, the top placing Indonesian surfer will be crowned the Coca-Cola ISC Tour Longboard Champion of 2009 and receive both a trophy and Rp 5,000,000 cash.

This contest is open to both men and women, but remember your longboard must be a minimum of 9 feet in length!

So give Ani at the ISC office a call at 768 293 or send her an email at, then wax up your sweetest longboard and get out and start practicing.

See you on Kuta Beach on the 23rd of October!