Competitors Locked In For 2011 ASP World Junior Tour

Keramas, Bali doing its thing. Photo: ASP/Robertson

KERAMAS, Bali/Indonesia (Tuesday, September 27, 2011) – The ASP regions have selected their representatives for the ASP World Junior Tour via their respective ASP Pro Junior Series events, and these surfers will now shift focus from local events to taking on the world’s best surfers under 21-years-old as they campaign for the highly-coveted ASP World Junior Title.

Each ASP Region (North America, South America, Africa, Hawaii, Europe, Japan and Australasia) will send their top representatives to compete on the ASP World Junior Tour, commencing with the Oakley ASP World Pro Junior – the first of three events that will decide the 2011 ASP World Junior Champions.

Beau Emerton, former ASP World Tour campaigner and Oakley ASP World Pro Junior Contest Director is looking forward to another action packed first stop on the ASP World Junior Tour.

“Last year is going to be hard to top with the waves we got,” Emerton said. “But we’re going to try and pick the eyes out of it again and run some full days at Canggu and then hit the high tide at Keramas towards the end. I’m still dumbfounded by the performance level from last year. I think some of the World Tour guys would have struggled to win some of those heats, so I can’t wait to see what goes down this time around. It’s going to a great event!”

The Oakley World Pro Junior Bali will run from October 3 – 14. Stay tuned to

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2011 Oakley ASP WJC Invites

Wild Card ASP Billabong – Peterson Crisanto
Wild Card ASP Arnette – Italo Ferreira
Wild Card ASP – Caio Ibelli
Wild Card ASP – Dean Bowen
Wild Card ASP Women – Felicity Palmateer
Wild Card ASP Women – Sarah Mason
Wild Card ASP Emerging Nation – Mateia Hiquily
Wild Card ASP Emerging Nation – Local trials
Wild Card Oakley – Local trials
Wild Card Oakley – Noa Deane

ASP South America Team
STAR – Filipe Toledo
STAR – Ian Gouveia
1 – Gustavo Machado
2 – João Abreu
3 – Deivid Silva
4 – Marco Fernandez

1 – Gabriela Leite
2 – Juliana Meneguel

ASP Australasia Team
STAR – Davey Cathels
STAR – Jack Freestone
1 – Thomas Woods
2 – Ryan Callinan
3 – Garrett Parkes
4 – Matt Banting

1 – Philipa Anderson
2 – Dimity Stoyle

ASP North America Team
STAR – Jake Halstead
STAR – Nat Young
1 – Conner Coffin
2 – Chase Wilson
3 – Andrew Doheny
4 – Evan Thompson

1 – Quincy Davis
2 – Lakey Peterson

ASP Europe Team
STAR – Maxime Huscenot
STAR – Medi Veminardi
1 – William Aliotti
2 – Vasco Ribeiro
3 – Frederico Morais

1 – Joanne Defay
2 – Maud Le Car

ASP Africa Team
STAR – Shaun Joubert
STAR – Dale Staples
1 – Beyrick De Vries
2 – Slade Prestwich
3 – Dylan Lightfoot
4 – Michael February

1 – Bianca Buitendag
2 – Faye Zoetmulder

ASP Hawaii Team
STAR – Kiron Jabour
STAR – Eziekeil Lau
1 – Keanu Asing
2 – Dylan Goodale
3 – Tanner Hendrickson

1 – Coco Ho
2 – Leila Hurst

ASP Japan Team
STAR – Kan Watanabe
STAR – Kaito Ohashi
1 – Arashi Kato
2 – Hiroto Arai
3 – Kaishu Tanaka

1 – Nao Omura
2 – Ren Hashimoto