Fantasy Surfer Leaderboard Update

Skywalker stays in top spot, C-H drops biggest score for Bells

Mick Fanning carves off the top en route to his victory at Bells, earning a score of 200 points for whoever had him on their Fantasy Surfer team. Photo: ASP

After two events of the 2012 World Tour, the overall points leader is still Team Skywalker, who backed up a score of 1,001 at Snapper with a solid score of 864 points for Bells. This puts him with an overall point total of 1,865, which keeps him in that number one spot out of the total 21,580 teams competing on Fantasy Surfer.

For Bells, the winner was the user C-H, who scored big by picking Fanning, Slater, and Flores, three of the four quarterfinalists. With a total event score of 1,076, C-H moved into third on the overall leaderboard with a combined point total of 1,849. Although C-H dropped the highest event score of the year thus far, he hasn’t joined any of the VIP clubhouses and therefore isn’t eligible for contest-specific prizes.

C-H's 1,076 point winning lineup from Bells.

Take advantage of the sponsored VIP clubs to win prizes throughout the year based upon men’s event scores. You’ve got to be in it to win it, and to work your way toward winning the Fantasy Surfer Grand Prize.

Let the games begin. If you haven’t yet, sign up for Fantasy Surfer now.