Final Stage Set for Toes on the Nose & Gidget Pro Longboard

HONOLULU, August 27, 2009 – It was a gruelling day of competition at Waikiki for Duke’s OceanFest today, as pro longboard competitors in the men’s $12,000 Toes on the Nose and women’s $8,000 Gidget Pro were dramatically reduced in preparation for tomorrow’s final day of action. It was picture-perfect summer surf at Queen’s and the red-hot action on the waves matched the shimmering heat on shore as thousands of visitors to Waikiki were treated to the kind of surfing that put this place on the map.

Youth ruled the day for the most part, as 20-year-old Troy Mothershead (CA) and Tony Silvagni, 22, (NC) garnered their share of the limelight away from local Hawaii favorites in the men’s Toes on the Noes. In the women’s Gidget Pro, it was Waikiki sweetheart Kelia Moniz, just 16, who posted the ride of the day for a near-perfect score of 9.65 points. Her steaming nose-ride across the outside of Queen’s, followed by a solid roundhouse cutback to finish illustrated her intimate understanding of the break.

But the day didn’t only belong to the young crew. Waikiki beachboy David Carvalho, 44, proved why beachboys will forever be a force to be reckoned with here, finding every scoring pocket and peak to keep his run alive. Carvalho is through to the quarter finals.

Above: David Carvalho, showing why Waikiki Beachboys will always be a force.
Photo: Bernie Baker

In the Gidget Pro, former world longboard champion Cori Schumacher (CA), 32, applied her power to the waist-high surf on offer to guarantee a berth in the semi-finals. She will be on the opposite side of the draw to Moniz, next facing Haunani Kane (HI), Candice Appleby (HI) and Lindsay Steinriede (CA).

Moniz is up against 2008 world longboard champ Joy Monahan (HI), who is also the defending champion of this event, along with Ashley Quintal (HI), and Megan Godinez (HI).

The Gidget Pro final will hit the water first tomorrow at 11:40am, immediately followed by the Toes on the Nose men’s final at 12:10pm.

The final day of these events will run live online at

For more information:
Cell: 808/258-8533


Round of 32:1st & 2nd advance
H1: Josh Baxter (CA); Tony Silvagni (NC); Carlton Handley (HI); Kanai Sarsh (HI)
H2: Kai Sallas (CA); Joe Aaron (CA); Kamu Auwae (HI); Len Barrow
H3: Kekoa Auwae (HI); Nelson Ahina (HI); Nainoa Ciotti (HI); Kekoa Uemura (HI)
H4: Darren Eudaly (CA); Duane DeSoto (HI); Mau Ah Hee (HI); Scotty Fong Jr (HI)
H5: Keegan Edwards (HI); Kapono Nahina (HI); Zack Howard (CA); Corey Williams
H6: Troy Mothershead (CA); David Carvalho (HI); Dino Miranda (HI); Dennis Bourg (HI)
H7: Taylor Jensen ; Robin Johnston (HI); Gabriel Nascimento (HI); Eli Gillis
H8: Cole Robbins; Steven Newton (CA); Jed Marouse (HI); Laakea Davis (HI)

Quarter Finals: 1st & 2nd advance:
H1: Joy Monahan (HI); Ashley Quintal (HI); Miku Uemura (HI); April Grover (HI)
H2: Kelia Moniz (HI); Megan Godinez (HI); Stacia Ahina (HI); Crystal Dzigas (HI)
H3: Haunani Kane (HI); Candice Appleby (HI); Tory Gilkerson (USA); Geodee Clark (HI)
H4: Cori Schumacher (CA); Lindsay Steinriede (USA); Kaitlin Maguire (HI); Jen Koki (HI)

Round of 32: 1st & 2nd advance
H1: Joy Monahan (HI); Stacia Ahina (HI); Mimi Horiuchi (HI); Sweety Mossman (HI)
H2: Miku Uemura (HI); Megan Godinez (HI); Kate Easton (VA); Caroline Angibaud (Eur)
H3: Crystal Dzigas (HI); Ashely Quintal (HI); Ashely Ahina (HI); Betty Depolito (HI)
H4: Kelia Moniz (HI); April Grover (HI)
H5: Geodee Clark (HI); Jennifer Koki (HI); Diina Horo (CA); Kelly Sloan (CA)
H6: Haunani Kane (HI); Kaitlin Maguire (CA); Tiare Friedman (HI); Jennifer Lee (CA)
H7: Lindsay Steinriede (CA); Tory Gilkerson (CA); Yoko Furiuchi (HI); Vanina Walsh (HI)
H8: Cori Schumacher (CA); Candice Appleby (HI); Mia Melamed (HI); Suzie Kauhane (HI)