Fourth Day was Final Day for Indonesian Team at the ISA Quiksilver World Junior Surfing Championships in New Zealand

team-walk-home-0915Team Indonesia will be on the sidelines for the remainder of the ISA Quiksilver World Junior Surfing Championships in New Zealand, as another day of testing conditions defeated them in their mission to advance further into the Repercharge rounds and into final medal contention.

The start of the day showed promise with the weather conditions improving as the sun made an early appearance, but by 9 am and throughout most of the rest of the day’s competition the team battled strong onshore winds, rain squalls, strong rips, and stormy 3-4 foot waves.

Sandi Selamet started off strong in his Under 16 Repercharge 1 heat by sticking to the inside section and picking off several small righthanders to nab a second place finish and move on to Repercharge 2.

Koko Antara was not so fortunate, spending the majority of his heat paddling non-stop against the current and duckdiving sets, ending the heat with only a couple of low scoring waves but a third place finish.

In the Under 18 Repercharge 2 Round, Putu Anggara couldn’t surf in his heat as he was getting medical attention due to a skin infection brought on by an allergic food reaction. He was prescribed antibiotics and will be fine, but had not the energy or stamina to compete in the blustery conditions.

Oney Anwar was next up in the Under 18 Repercharge 2 Round. Having made it through a tough Repercharge 1 heat the day before at the Main Podium, Anwar was optimistic that the change to the Second Podium beach would get him better results. However, the raging rip and scarcity of clean bowly sections to work with, coupled with Hawaii’s Tanner Hendrickson setting the bar very high with a 9.25 wave early in the heat, saw Anwar in fourth place at final horn. “I’m obviously very disappointed, as I was really counting on getting some good waves out there and continuing to surf tomorrow. But I got behind early and just couldn’t lock into a wave with big scoring potential,” said Anwar. “I wanted a first and came in fourth, which is really frustrating as I expected better from myself. I will train harder and do better next time though, for sure!” he promised.

In the final team effort of the day, Repercharge 2 for the Under 16’s had Sandi Selamet, Jeren Kiring, and Ediana Putra all finishing in third place positions, just missing moving on to Repercharge 3. “The bad news is that the boys didn’t make it to the next round, but the good news is that they didn’t finish last in their heats. With cleaner conditions, I’m sure they would have made it,” said Team Coach Tipi Jabrik.

Later after the evening’s team meeting, Jabrik summarized the experience so far, saying, “In the end it comes down to the fact that our boys just lack experience surfing on this these types of waves and in these conditions, and that is the takeway for us today.” Continuing, he added, “The boys only voiced their frustration that they couldn’t show off how well they can actually surf, as they had to spent so much time paddling, duckdiving, and trying to get in a position to catch a wave with a clean face and some scoring potential. This is our first year at this event, so with this experience we will be much better prepared next near for sure.”

The team was asked for their comments on the experience so far, and the most popular responses were, “it was a good experience surfing cold water and big ugly waves”, “getting to surf against the other countries to see how we compare,” and “making new friends and trying new food.” But topping on the list was, “all the people here are so nice to us and treat us really special, taking us to eat and making sure we have anything we need. When they come to Bali we look forward to returning the favor!”

Next on the agenda for the team is to go free surfing and seeing a bit more of New Zealand. A possible trip to Raglan and another foray into Auckland to buy gifts for friends and relatives are currently in the works for the boys, while they await the closing ceremony for the event that will commence on Thursday evening the 28th.
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The funding for the Indonesian team’s trip comes from the generosity of the surf industry supporters consisting of Billabong Asia, Hurley, Oakley Indonesia, Quiksilver Asia, Rip Curl Asia, and Rusty Asia, Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia and the Coca-Cola Indonesian Surfing Championship Tour, KDBJ Tours and Travel, Nick “Chongee” Ngau-Chun, Fiona Anderson at the Piha Domain Camp Ground and Ben Kennings of Surfing New Zealand.