Goofyfooters Dominate and Lee Wilson Out in Round 4 of Day 3 at the Oakley Pro 09


Canggu-Bali: In the final minutes of the final heat of Round 4 today at the Oakley Pro 09 at Canggu Beach, top seeded Lee Wilson was eliminated by goofyfooter Rahtu Suargita when his last wave failed to score the 4.8 points necessary to regain the lead he had held for the first half of the heat, scoring only a 3.1.

Wilson had held on to his priority for the last 5 minutes, but the strong winds and increasingly long waits for waves left him with only a marginal wave with which to work with. Suargita had worked the inside section, bashing the lip from the underside, racking up enough points to take over the lead and eventually the heat win.

Overall, it was a day for goofyfooters at a venue that is usually dominated by regularfooted surfers, who can take full advantage of the right handed reef break to break out every trick in their repertoire, especially in today’s windy and bumpy conditions.

But today it was Suargita, Mustofa Jeksen, Raditya Rondi, and Garut Widiarta who turned up the afterburners blasted away, in the end winning the majority of the Round 4 heats against their regularfooted competitors.

Agus Purnawan, Dedy Santoso, and Devis Ratif on their forehands advanced to the quarterfinals along with Made Awan, who is also a regularfooter but didn’t have to surf his heat as Pepen Hendrik was unable to compete, having pulled a groin muscle during the final minutes of yesterdays competition.

Today’s action got started early at 6:50 am, with the wind already starting to ripple the surface of the Indian Ocean. It was anticipated that the swell would be dropping with a longer swell period, and it was indeed a touch smaller with longer waits between sets, but the wind was the factor that steadily eroded the wave conditions to the point that at just after 9:00 am when Heat 8 of Round 4 was finished, the announcement went out that the surfing was finished for the day.

The next announcement was far more enjoyable….Everyone was invited to the nearby Echo Beach restaurant for a BBQ lunch to feast on fish, chicken, rice, salad, veggies and even drink a few San Miguel Lights if they wanted!

Standby time tomorrow will again be at 6:30 am, and though the forecast is calling for a significant increase in swell, it is expected that a slight decrease in the morning winds and the rising tide will provide great conditions for the completion of the event tomorrow.