Ian Walsh, hanging out with the next generation of Maui rippers. Photo: Noyle

PAIA, MAUI (March 28, 2011) - Maui's surfing youth converged on Ho'okipa Beach Park on Saturday, March 26th forIan Walsh's Menehune Mayhem. This was the 8th year of this free youth surf contest and the culmination of Spring Break in Hawaii. Walsh, 27, never expected this event would grow to this magnitude.

"I started this contest to give the kids something else to look forward to," said Walsh, who grew up surfing at Ho'okipa Beach Park. "The year that I started it there was not too many events out here for the kids. It started as a small thing, and now it has snowballed into this crazy event."

There were 120 grommets and 44 heats run at the 8th Annual Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem in the single day of competition in contestable 2-3 ft. wave conditions from 7am to 7pm. The kids were provided free breakfast, lunch, beverages, and tons of free surf swag. The Nocturnal Sound Krew spun the freshest tunes for those in attendance. A scavenger hunt on land kept the kids entertained and smiling. The contest wasn't only about good times and rewarding kids for surfing excellence, as it also awards academics and featured tribute memorial awards for Andy Irons, Sion Milosky, Steve Cooney & Eric Diaz

"We also have two GPA awards for a boy and a girl, who get a crazy prize bag," said Walsh, who graduated Valedictorian from King Kekaulike High School in 2001.

At the core, Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem is a surf contest at a challenging wave that grooms the next generation of Maui rippers.Ho'okipa is an excellent training ground that's produced world-class surfers like former ASP World Junior Champ Kai Barger, up-and-comers Ian Gentil and Billy Kemper.


Boys 9-under: 1) Cole Alves; 2) Eli Hanneman; 3) Ty Ty Kirby; 4) Kai Tenkins
Boys 10+11: 1) Marco Rista; 2) Josh Budroe; 3) Payce Duryea; 4) Tosh Kalawe
Girls 11-under: 1) Daize Kinoshita; 2) Kayla McCarthy; 3) Lehiva Devavlt; 4) Kaya Ackers
Boys 12+13: 1) Cody Young; 2) Monte Grant; 3) Ean Kimmel; 4) Justin Ringrey
Girls 12-14: 1) Kailee Mccarthy; 2) Sierra Larson; 3) Kawaii Devalilt; 4) Hilei Anilan
Boys 14-15: 1) Raimana Kinimaka; 2) Justice Patao; 3) Joao Marco Muffici; 4) Miles Serafica
Girls 15-17: 1) Ariel Martin; 2) Shelby Schweitzer; 3) Serene Gunnison; 4) Tasha Jahrmarkt
Boys 16-17: 1) Dylan Aoki Walsh; 2) Kain Daly; 3) Tehei Spencer; 4) Koby Kerbox
GPA: Boy-Makama Johnson 4.0; Girl-Ariel Martin 4.1
Sion Milosky Sportsmanship Memorial: Seth Beard
Eric Diaz Sportsmanship Memorial: Sal Lagattuta
Steve Cooney Sportsmanship Memorial: Ean Duryea
Andy Irons Sportsmanship Memorial: Tosh Kalawe
Ripping Award: Kayla McCarthy
Pictures from the event: