Keramas Treats Round One Surfers to Perfect Conditions to Kick Off Quiksilver Open 2009

A building swell and rising ride combined to give the first round contestants in the Quiksilver Open 2009 at Keramas Beach a perfect morning of 4-5 foot green Indian Ocean barrels, resulting in some super entertainment for the fans on the beach and a memorable start to the Mens Open division of the final Coca-Cola Indonesian Surfing Championship event of the year.

The waves are so sick out there right now, exclaimed Contest Director and ex-pro surfer Jake The Snake Paterson back on the beach after his Round 1 heat. I got so pitted on my very first wave. I had to fight my way out a bit at the end, but it was so nice and green and glassy inside.just like a dream. I love this wave! he added with a grin.

Heat 2 of Round 1 was hands down the heat of the day, with Paterson trading blows with Sanur local Ketut Kunyit Suarta, Mattia Morri from Italy, and Nyoman Maika from Kuta. Morri got the heat started by slotting in to a barrel on his backside for a score of 7.25, the highest score of the heat (matched in the next heat by Wayan Robot Susiana), but was soon overtaken by Paterson who chalked up a 6.5 and 5.1 to take second place. Morri couldnt find another high score to match to his first score, so was relegated to 3rd place and out of a Round 2 berth.

Winning the heat was Suarta posting first a 5.75 and then slotting into a very deep one that the judges quite liked for a 6.8. Keramas is almost Suaras second home, so his local knowledge got him in and out of the overhead barrels with relative ease for the win.

Heat 1 of Round 2 deserves the honorable mention award for its contribution to the drama of the day. Quiksilver teammates Wayan Betet Merta, Gazali Hamzah, and Jake Paterson took to the water with Made De Amo Artha in the fight for the two Round 3 spots. Paterson showed no mercy on his teammates, crushing lips and blasting turns to rack up a best two wave total of 12.25 over Arthas 9.95.

Arthas smooth and powerful style had him catching only three waves in the heat, but that was good enough to earn him second place over the other two surfers, Hamzah and Mertha, that were chasing him.

Hamzah was all over the lineup, hassling it out with Mertha and jockeying for position, clearly wanting to get one up on his older teammate. But when the horn blew the end of the heat, unfortunately his best two waves out the 7 he took added up to being of a point short.

The days action kicked off at the already boiling black sands of Keramas Beach at 7:00 am with three trial heats to determine who would get in to the few remaining Round 1 slots. 60 minutes later the horn blew the start of Round 1 and the action began. Conditions remained very favorable until the wind came up and the lowering tide began to erode the wave quality, so the completion was halted after the second heat of round two at just after 11 am.

Tomorrow starting call is for 6:30 am so as to take advantage of the rising tide and early offshore winds. The remainder of the Round 2 heats will be run and then the top seeded surfers will take to the water with their eye on that top podium spot.

It will be even hotter and heavier starting from Round 3 and down to the final horn, as the 2009 Indonesian Surfing Champion will be decided at the event. It will be crazy, so come on down and check it out!

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