Largest Gathering of Freshwater Surfers in the World Attended

Largest Gathering of Freshwater Surfers in the World Attended Corona Dairyland Surf Classic in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

[CHICAGO, IL] – On the first day of Labor Day weekend (September 5, 2009) the largest gathering of freshwater surfers in the world flocked to Sheboygan, Wisconsin – “The Malibu of the Midwest” – for the Corona Dairlyand Surf Classic.

Hundreds of surfers and spectators attended the event, which began in 1988 with only 20 or so local attendees. Beach-beer brand Corona Extra has continued to support the event, with the sponsorship now in its fifth year. As part of the sponsorship, Corona awarded a 6-foot surfboard to Pro-Division Paddling contest winner Mike Matulis, from Midland, Michigan. Matulis is a Corona Dairyland Surf Classic veteran. His brothers, Chris and Joe Matulis, won the paddle relay in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Tyson Hausdoerffer won the stand up paddle (SUP) competition.

Sheboygan is considered the premiere location on Lake Michigan for freshwater surfing, as its central positioning makes it an ideal spot for wind-generated waves in the fall and winter. The Surf Classic was founded by twin brothers Larry and Lee Williams, 40-year veterans of freshwater surfing and lifelong residents of Sheboygan.

Corona Dairyland Surf Classic Founder Lee Williams (left) and Mike Matulis of Midland, Michigan, winner of the pro division paddling contest at the 2009 Corona Dairlyand Surf Classic in Sheboygan, Wis.

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