Malibu Surfing Association Retains MSA Classic Crown

Malibu, California. September 14, 2009 – The Malibu Surfing Association’s Competition Team emerged victorious at the 2009 MSA Classic. Held in beautiful weather with small, but consistent 1-3′ surf at world-famous First Point, Malibu, the MSA Classic entered over 300 athletes representing surfing clubs from La Jolla to Santa Cruz, the Hawaiian Longboard Federation, the Virginia Longboard Federation, and for the first time a team from Queensland’s Noosa Malibu Club.

MSA Team members surfed in 12 out of 14 contest divisions with 78 year-old George ‘Mysto’ Carr placing first in Senior Legends. Other standout performances included: Matt Cuddihy (Noosa Malibu Club), Tony Silvangi (Virginia Longboard Federation), Joe Rickabaugh (Ventura Surf Club), Mary Osborne (Ventura Surf Club), Kaitlin Maguire (Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club), and 8-year old Tiare Thompson (Windansea Surf Club).

Allen “The Wave Killer” Sarlo, First Point local and MSA Member, said of the spirit and focus of California’s premier club surfing event, “This is one of the best weekends of my life. I’m in the finals. My daughter’s in the finals. My son’s in the finals. It’s great.”

Michael Blum, MSA President added, “We get to surf First Point when we want; we certainly do. Equally, it’s special to have friends join us to ‘touch-the-stone’: to come to one of those important places of our sport. Thanks to our friends all, to the members of the club, and to the surfers of Malibu who’ve helped to make this a special event and a special place.”

A portion of proceeds from the MSA Classic will be donated to organizations working with the MSA to improve water quality at Surfrider Beach. Major support for the 2009 MSA Classic was provided by Global Surf Industries.

Malibu Surfing Association’s MSA Classic
Surfrider Beach, Malibu
September 12/13 2009
1-3′ glassy and sunny

1. Malibu Surfing Association (MSA)
2. Windansea Surf Club (WnS)
3. Santa Barbara Surf Club (SBSC)
4. Ventura Surf Club (VSC)
5. Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club (OLSC)
6. Virginia Longboard Federation (VLF)
7. Swami’s Surfing Association (SSA)
8. Long Beach Surf Club (LBSC)
9. La Jolla Shores Surfing Association (LJSSA)
10. Malibu Boardriders Club (MBC)
11. Sunset Cliffs Surfing Association (SCSA)
12. Hawaiian Longboard Federation (HLF)
13. Big Stick Surfing Assocation (BSSA)
14. Santa Cruz Longboard Union (SCLU)
15. Noosa Malibu Club (NMC)
16. Colony Cool Cats (CCC)

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About Malibu Surfing Association
Formed in 1961, the Malibu Surfing Association (MSA) is one of California’s first surfing clubs. MSA is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the fellowship of surfing and to the stewardship of its local break, world-famous Surfrider Beach. The MSA Competition Team is the 2006 champion of the Coalition of Surfing Clubs’ CSC Series. Online at