On the Edge of the ASP Women’s World Tour with Sage Erickson

Sage Erickson (USA), 20, current No. 2 on the ASP Women's World Rankings, is in excellent position to qualify for the ASP Top 17 for 2012. Photo: Courtesy of ASP

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California / USA (Wednesday, June 29, 2011) - Sage Erickson (USA), 20, has been teetering on the edge of qualification for the ASP Women's World Tour for the past three years and 2011 has been a breakthrough year for the California talent. Erickson has notched two runner-up finishes in ASP 6-Star events this year and her current position at No. 2 on the ASP Women's World Rankings puts the natural-footer in excellent position to qualify for the ASP Top 17. The ASP just caught up with Erickson to see where this year's success stems from. This... is her story...

You've had a successful year so far in the ASP 6-Star events and are in excellent position to qualify for the Women's World Tour next year. What has been your secret this year?
Erickson: This year has gone wonderfully so far. I've made some huge adjustments in my focus and what my ultimate goal is. I can't give away all my secrets but being physically fit, mentally tuff and enjoying every surf session is what has been working in my favor. Everything takes work and it's not always fun but I've learned to find the joy in all of these departments.

With a few events left on the Women's ASP Star Schedule, you must be hoping to get one more keeper result, what kind of training program are you on to prepare for the remaining events?
This year I've made a huge effort not to look at points and standings. I found that in the past I would spend so much time anticipating what I needed or what the person behind or in front of me needed for a result that it captured my focus off of surfing my heats. I've completely stepped away from that mentality, but I have recently looked at the ratings and yes, one more keeper would be nice. I'm in for the experience of living in the moment so if I don't receive a better result that is okay because I'm trusting that my seed headed into 2012 is where I'm meant to be. Preparation is lots of water time meaning surfing, working out at P3, a high performance personal training gym, and attending church on Friday nights and Sundays.

You've been on the bubble of qualification for the ASP Women's World Tour for the last few years, has it been hard to maintain focus and stay motivated to achieve your goal?
This year to be honest has been the easiest so far. I think that if I was to qualify is the past couple of years I wouldn't have been ready for such a big step. Now I'm feeling the most confident I ever have in all the departments like my surfing, fitness and relationships. I've really refined my ultimate goals and have recognized the sacrifices that need to be in order to retain focus on all the things that make me successful and happy.

What are you most looking forward to in joining the ASP Top 17 in 2012?
Qualifying for the World Tour has been one of my biggest dreams and to reach it has really opened my eyes to what's achievable if you believe in yourself. It sounds so cliché but in all truth the reality of me surfing against females like Steph, Silvana and Sally on the World Tour has yet to seep in. I think being amongst the whole World Tour persona is going to feel so surreal. I'm just so excited to add my personality and dreams to all the girls already on, to embrace each location and to bring my surfing to another level.

There were a few years where there were no American girls at the top of the ASP rankings, but Courtney Conlogue, Yourself and Lakey Peterson have been making a statement on an international stage, what are your thoughts on Women's surfing in The States? Anyone else under the radar coming up?
America has struggled with female representatives for awhile now. Lisa Anderson really paved a road for us American girls. In the past she really set the example that it doesn't matter where you're from, a World Title is achievable. Finding the balance of traveling and adapting to conditions and emotions, as well as our ultimate surfing ability is what it takes to win. Courtney, Lakey and Myself, I think have realized that. I've noticed that each of us have found those values and are constantly trying to better them. Maybe the American contestants in the past haven't. I'm really excited because both Courtney and Lakey are good friends of mine. I'm proud to be where I'm from and can only hope that we are all on the World Tour together.

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