Promising Swell Looming for ASP 1-Star Unsound Pro Junior New York

Photo: Courtesy of ASP

LONG BEACH, New York / USA (Wednesday, April 26, 2011) - The ASP 1-Star Unsound Pro Junior, stop No. 6 of 9 on the 2011 men's ASP North America Pro Junior Series, is set to host a 48-man field in Long Beach, New York with a waiting period from April 27 through 30, 2011. With a promising south swell expected to detonate New York's shoreline later in the week, this year's competitors have the potential to score classic New York beachbreak conditions.

The Unsound Pro Junior's ASP 1-Star status allows up-and-coming talent the opportunity to establish themselves on the ASP North America Pro Junior Series while more experienced surfers are out to sharpen their competitive skills in the event.

Keanu Asing (Ewa Beach, HI), 17, who will be the top seed entering this year's Unsound Pro Junior, is looking to sharpen his competitive skill set and sees the unique cold water location of New York as a way to broaden his horizons as a surfer.

"Surfing heats and doing contests is always good experience no matter what," Asing said. "Doing an event in New York is different water and the different atmosphere will be good for me. Surfing contests no matter where they are always helps my surfing."

Asing, who finished second on the 2010 ASP North America Pro Junior Series, is excited to dive into New York's frigid springtime water temps and is keeping an open mind to the new experience.

"It's going to be really cold and a lot different from anything I've surfed in," Asing said. "It's going to be a cool, different experience and to surf a contest in cold water will be interesting. It'll be fun to put on all of this rubber and I'm excited."

Balaram Stack (Point Lookout, NY), 19, who is also a top seed and a promising talent hailing from the North East, will look to use his comfort of the cold water and familiarity of his local break to put in a strong performance.

"It's sick that they're having the contest this time of year because it's cold water still," Stack said. "It will be different than any other Pro Junior event we have."

Stack, current No. 14 on the ASP North America Pro Junior Series, suffered an early exit at last week's ASP 4-Star Rob Machado Seaside Pro Junior, and is looking for redemption at his local event.

"I think it's good for me to have the event in cold water, I surf in it all of the time," Stack said. "I'm used to it. I was bummed that I lost early at Seaside and I'd like to do well here at home."

The Unsound Pro Junior New York holds a waiting period from April 27 through 30, 2011 and is webcast LIVE via

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