Quiksilver Announces 2011 Eddie Aikau Invitees

WAIMEA BAY, HAWAII – (Nov. 1, 2011) – Quiksilver.com/Eddie launches today with the official announcement of the 28 coveted Invitees and 24 Alternates to this year’s Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau. You can find this year’s list, sign up for email alerts and follow Mark Healey’s weekly updates from Waimea Bay at: www.quiksilver.com/eddie.

The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau is the most venerated big wave surfing event on Earth, held at Waimea Bay, Oahu, on a single day during the Hawaiian winter when, and if, waves exceed the 20-foot minimum requirement. The official holding period for this year, the 27th annual, is December 1, 2011 through February 29, 2012.

“The Eddie” has upheld stringent wave height and surf quality requirements since its inception. It has only been held eight (8) times in the past 26 years, but those rare and special days are recognized as the most spectacular days in surfing history – for both surfers and spectators.

Modern technology, live webcasting and global media broadcast the Dec. 8, 2009 event, known as “Eddie’s Day”, to more than 100 million global viewers. The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau came close to running again this past winter, on January 20, 2011, but inconsistent 20-foot surf held it back.

Celebrating Surfing’s Greatest Modern Icon
Just 31 years of age when he was lost at sea during an ill-fated voyage of Hawaii’s Hokule’a double-hull sailing canoe in 1978, Aikau was a young man at the height of a career equally dedicated to big-wave riding and lifeguarding at historic Waimea Bay. Filled with a pure passion to ride giant surf, take care of his fellow man, and uphold his Hawaiian culture and family values, Aikau became the benchmark by which all big wave riders are measured.

“This event has created a life all its own and has come to stand for much more than just big wave riding,” said Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight.

“Standing on the beach at Waimea Bay on January 20, surrounded by tens of thousands of spectators from around the world, we were disappointed to have to call a No Go. But when the crowd began to cheer, we knew it was the right call and that The Eddie represents something special that we all want to uphold.

“Eddie was a young man of character, integrity and incredible athletic ability. His story took surfing’s story across boundaries and around the world. Through his legacy, we look to inspire young generations of surfers for decades to come.”

About Quiksilver
Quiksilver is committed to providing tools for uncovering, expressing and expanding your personal style. Our aim is to foster the sense of individual expression and excitement: the stoke that is the essence of boardriding*. We’re also here to spread the word because the only thing better than finding stoke is sharing it.

*Boardriding is about timing and style. It is youthful, active, casual, and free flowing. There is no wrong way to ride a board. The goal is simply to learn, progress, improve, and give it your own interpretation.