Quiksilver Pro Snapper Injury Update

Patacchia and Pupo Pull Out of Event with High-Ankle Sprains

When the opening heat horn at the Quik Pro at Snapper blows in just a few days, both Freddy Patacchia and Brazil's Miguel Pupo won't be competing. Citing injuries, both World Tour surfers have withdrawn from the event and have been replaced by Pat Gudauskas and William Cardoso.

Patacchia suffered a high-ankle sprain nearly a month and a half ago and is currently in California receiving specialized rehab for his injury. "I rolled my ankle outwards away from my body practicing airs over at Off the Wall about six or so weeks ago," says Patacchia. "It's healing up but these types of injuries take time and with any luck I'll be back in the water competing in the future soon. I don't think I'll be at Margaret River so we'll just have to see how it looks by Bells."

Pupo also suffered a high-ankle sprain while attempting a backside air in Brazil. According to Hurley's Pat O'Connell, Pupo is expected to be sidelined for six weeks while the injury heals. As replacements, both Gudauskas and Cardoso are now open for trading for the Quik Pro at FantasySurfer.com.