Sunset Turns on for HIC Pro

Official Qualifier for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii - Oct.28-Nov.10

Kamalei Alexander, always at home in Sunset's power. Image: Bernie Baker.

The HIC PRO is a 4-Star ASP men’s event that features a mix of Hawaii’s best local talent with international rising stars who are looking to gain North Shore winter experience. The HIC PRO will decide the 2011 ASP Hawaii regional champion and reward him with one highly coveted berth into the first two events of the Vans Triple Crown, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink, Nov.12-Dec.20. The HIC PRO requires three full days of competition to crown a champion.

Today’s top scores were posted by Kamalei Alexander (HI), Stephan Figueiredo (Brazil), Joel Centeio (HI) and Kahea Hart (HI), who enjoyed a midday pulse of swell in their back-to-back heats.

Centeio, who won this event back in 2007, understands the role it plays in getting a head start on the winter.

“I look forward to surfing big waves and I love this event because it’s such a good warm up for the Vans Triple Crown in November and December,” said Centeio. “This event definitely sets up the whole season if you can do well here. From here rolling into Haleiwa, you can be pretty comfortable.

“The conditions today are flawless with light off-shore winds. This is the contest that local guys look forward to, to qualify for the Triple Crown. I’m excited and ready to go.”

Figueiredo, a 30-year-old from Brazil who has been putting time in on Oahu’s North Shore over the past two winters, reaped the rewards today when he posted the highest heat and wave score so far: 14.5 points out of 20 for his heat, with a high wave score of 8.0.

Alexander and Hart had the heat of the day in round 2 (heat 3), both scoring a couple of great barrels and taking it to the lip with committed surfing. Kamalei found the magic in a hand-me-down board that was made for the late Andy Irons – a 6’5″ Al Merrick.

“You really just have to be lucky enough to put yourself in the position to get the waves to show what your board can do,” said Alexander. “This is a magic weapon made for Andy Irons but now handed down to Kamalei Alexander.”

Contest days of the 2011 HIC PRO will stream live on the Internet at The HIC Pro will also broadcast live on Oceanic Time Warner Cable channels 250 and 1250HD, contingent on the ASP World Tour event in San Francisco. If the two ASP events happen to run on same day, the ASP World Tour event will take broadcast precedence, followed by a full replay of the HIC Pro.

Round of 112: (1st & 2nd advance, 3rd =97th, 4th =105th)
H1: Joel Centeio (HAW); Stephan Figueiredo (BRA); Kaito Kino (JPN); Barak Maor (HAW)
H2: Kahea Hart (HAW); Rainos Hayes (HAW); Dustin Fernandez (HAW); JD Irons (HAW)
H3: Joao Marco Maffini (HAW); Ricardo Azevedo (HAW); Austin Vincente (HAW); Nakoa Decolte (HAW)
H4: Will Hunt (HAW); Mikey Bruneau (HAW); Robert Fernandez (HAW); Kainoa Kanahele (HAW)
H5: Eala Stewart (HAW); Evan Duffin (HAW); Luke Shepardso (HAW); Marcus Hickman (HAW)
H6: Isaac Stant (HAW); Jake Halstead (USA); Chris Owens (USA); Lance Gruver (USA)
H7: Kalani Chapman (HAW); Peyton Chidester (HAW); Tabin Shamblin (HAW); Jeremy Doudt (HAW)
H8: Mike Latronic (HAW); Dorian Blanchard (HAW); Charlie Herr (HAW); Brian Colitti (HAW)

Round of 96: (1st & 2nd advance, 3rd =65th, 4th =81st)
H1: Joel Centeio (HAW); Robert Patterson (USA); Charlie Carroll (HAW); Gavin Sutherland (HAW)
H2: Stephan Figueiredo (BRA); Cheyne Willis (HAW); Levi Gonzales (HAW); Koalaukani Ramos-Sau (HAW)
H3: Kamalei Alexander (HAW); Kahea Hart (HAW); Kaipo Jaquias (HAW); Vaj Lederer (HAW)
H4: Rainos Hayes (HAW); Britton Galland (USA); Parker Coffin (USA); Gavin Klein (HAW)
H5: Taj Tucker (USA); Jonah Morgan (HAW); Chris Tucker (USA); Joao Marco Maffini (HAW)
H6: Kaimana Jaquais (HAW); Eli Olson (HAW); Ricardo Azevedo (HAW); Alejandro Moreda (PRI)
H7: Sam Orozco (USA); Edrick Baldwin (HAW); Will Hunt (HAW); Landon McNamara (HAW)
H8: Mikey Bruneau (HAW); Nelson Sadoy (HAW); Hunter Lysaught (USA); Chris Rodriguez (USA)
H9: Ian Gentil (HAW); Eala Stewart (HAW); Gregg Nakamura (HAW); Tamayo Perry (HAW)
H10: Koa Smith (HAW); Kalani David (USA); Koa Rothman (HAW); Evan Duffin (HAW)
H11: Richie Collins (USA); Michael O’Shaughnessy (USA); Kylen Yamakawa (HAW); Isaac Stant (HAW)