Chelsea Williams (24, AUS) wrote herself into pro surfing's history books in late 2011 by claim-ing victory at the inaugural SWATCH GIRLS PRO China hosted by Wanning. With the second edition of the event under eight weeks away, the Gold Coast goofyfooter, who can count herself among the favourites for the 2012 ASP Women's Longboard World Title, is raring to get underway. "It’s been a good year for me so far, I’ve had decent contest results, which helps with confidence. This year I've been surfing lots of different waves and I've learnt lots about my surfing in the process, and of course I'd love to get back-to-back wins in China."

Short in stature but big on radical, powerful turns, Chelsea admits to being surprised by the Chinese surfing experience at Wanning. "It was nothing like I expected, you think of China and you think of industry and cities, but it was the opposite – a tropical island paradise, with really warm, clean water. The wave was fun, and being able to surf my forehand in a contest was definitely a treat. Almost all other comps are on righthanders, so it was good to show what I can do on a left." With the SWATCH GIRLS PRO China 2012 hosted by Wanning being a winner-takes-all event in terms of the ASP Women's Longboard World Title, Chelsea admits to be as thrilled as anyone about Swatch's continued involvement in women's surfing. "We are treated like royalty, better than any other contest I’ve been to. It’s good to see a big company get behind women’s surfing, I feel it’s the best it has ever been and is only getting better. The level of girls surfing just keeps rising and for Swatch to get behind us and to allow us to show the world what we can do is awesome."

The SWATCH GIRLS PRO China hosted by Wanning’s waiting period takes full advantage of the South China Sea northeast monsoon swells, which line up sweetly at Riyuewan Bay, a lefthand pointbreak that blows offshore on the prevailing northeast wind. With warm water, beautiful tropical backdrops and a quality peeling longboard wave offering the world's best female longboarders a chance to demonstrate their repertoires, the SWATCH GIRLS PRO China 2012 hosted by Wanning promises to be an unmissable spectacle.

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