The Rule of Threes

ASP Utilizes Three-Man Priority System at Quik Pro Gold Coast

When Adam Melling hits the water at the Quik Pro, he'll be utilizing a new three-man priority system. Photo: Quiksilver

The Quiksilver Pro at Snapper opened up this afternoon by utilizing a new three-man priority system. The new rule was put into place to help alleviate jockeying between surfers and will be implemented for the rest of the season.

Here’s the breakdown: According to the ASP, no priority will be given at the start of the heat.The first competitor to catch a wave will be given third priority at the conclusion of his wave. The remaining two surfers in the heat have priority over him, but not over each other. The next surfer to catch a wave will move into the third-priority position, while the previous third-priority surfer moves into second priority and the surfer yet to catch a wave moves into first priority.

Essentially, the new priority system works in much the same way it would at your local break, with each surfer swapping priority after catching a wave.