Timmy Curran Wins Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge for Hurley

Timmy Curran (USA), 33, posted the highest scores of the Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge Competition to lead Team Hurley to victory. Credit: ASP / HILLEMAN

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California (Saturday, January 8, 2011) - Former ASP World Tour surfer Timmy Curran (Oxnard, CA), 33, charged to a come-from-behind win in a stacked final to lead team Hurley to victory at the ASP Specialty Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge.

The Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge's unique format hosts four-man teams, with each surfer gaining points for their respective group by advancing through heats. While an individual Katin Pro-Am Team Champion is crowned, the team with the most points at the end of the event is the overall champion.

Curran lived up to his reputation as one of the game's top aerial specialists, launching the event's most progressive maneuvers in the Final to notch the highest single-wave score of a near-perfect 9.77 out of 10 for a massive frontside air-reverse on a lefthand ramp on the way to earning the event's highest heat-total, 18.50 out of 20, to leave fellow finalists Chris Waring (Seal Beach, CA), 23, Micah Byrne (Huntington Beach, CA), 29, and Tanner Gudauskas (San Clemente, CA), 22, in need of two scores to overtake the high-flying goofy-footer.

"I had a really slow start to that heat for the first 10 minutes and thought that heat was going to be a dud for me," Curran  said. "I did one little air and then I just decided that I was going to sit out the back and just go for airs in that heat. I know with the change in criteria now that the judges are rewarding big maneuvers so I just went for the airs."

Curran, who solidified Team Hurley's victory with his individual win at the Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge, admitted that he was able to enter the Final more relaxed with Hurley holding a firm lead prior to the Final heat.

"It's great to see the guys in your team ripping," Curran said "Everyone on my team kept making heats so it really took the pressure off entering the final. I love Huntington Beach, I've been coming here since I was 15 and to win this event is great."

The win at the Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge also marks a bit of a comeback for Curran, who is out to build his ASP World Ranking this year in order to get into the more premier ASP PRIME contests such as the US Open of Surfing.

"My plan this year is to take a break from the music tour and do as many fun events as possible to try and build my World Ranking," Curran said. "I'd love to eventually get back into the US Open."

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Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge Final Team Results:
1 -
Hurley 48 points
2 - Jack's 37 points
3 - Buell wetsuits 31 points
4 - Rusty 27 points
5 - Dragon 25 points

Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge Final Result:
1 –
Timmy Curran (HUR) 18.50
2 - Chris Waring (DRA) 13.06
3 - Micah Byrne (HBHS) 11.17
4 - Tanner Gudauskas (JAC) 11.10

Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge Semifinals Results:
Heat 1:
Tanner Gudauskas (JAC) 15.86, Michael Dunphy (HUR) 12.80, Chris Waring (DRA) 11.30, Anthony Petruso (RUS), Dane Gudauskas (JAC) 7.83
Heat 2: Timmy Curran (HUR) 16.00, Micah Byrne (HBHS) 15.73, Nathan Yeomans (RUS) 11.43, Cory Arrambide (BUE) 7.83, Blake Jones (BOD) 6.10

Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge Round 3 Results:
Heat 1:
Chris Waring (DRA) 11.06, Michael Dunphy (HUR) 10.47, Nathaniel Curran (ALP) 10.36, Adam Virs (BUE) 6.67
Heat 2: Micah Byrne (HBHS) 13.00, Nate Yeomans (RUS) 11.17, Kalani Robb (17th St.) 10.37, Che Stang (FOX) 8.57
Heat 3: Dane Gudauskas (JAC) 11.23, Blake Jones (BOD) 10.70, Tom Curren (RIP) 9.80, Josh Loya (BUE) 7.74
Heat 4: Tanner Gudauskas (JAC) 12.37, Anthony Petruso (RUS) 9.83, Brad Ettinger (HUR) 9.83, Jesse Evans (FOX) 6.60
Heat 5: Cory Arrambide (BUE) 13.33, Timmy Curran (HUR) 9.40, Shaun Ward (JAC) 8.77, Dane Zaun (HUR) 8.56

Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge Round 2 Results:
Heat 3:
Nathaniel Curran (ALP) 14.44, Michael Dunphy (HUR) 13.40, TJ Barron (BIL) 10.23, Taylor Brothers (RIP) 7.96
Heat 4: Kalani Robb (17th) 8.77, Che Stang (FOX) 7.66, Matt Pagan (BOD) 6.53, Sean Marceron (DRA) 3.13
Heat 5: Josh Loya (BUEL) 8.17, Dane Gudauskas (JAC) 6.50, Bud Freitas (FOX) 4.90, Kyle McGeary (KAT) 0
Heat 6: Tanner Gudauskas (JAC) 11.84, Brad Ettinger (HUR) 11.07, Austin Ware (BOD) 9.40, Jacob Halstead (BIL) 7.33
Heat 7: Tom Curren (RIP) 12.60, Blake Jones (BOD) 9.63,Ryan Turner (HBHS) 8.97, Killian Garland (FIL) 8.97
Heat 8: Jesse Evans (FOX) 8.44, Anthony Petruso (RUS) 8.14, Hans Haggen (17th) 5.67, Jake Davis (FIL) 5.46
Heat 9: Tim Curran (HUR) 10.93, Shaun Ward (JAC) 10.30, Jimmy Herrick (GLA) 7.76, Jason Harris (ANA) 6.50

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