Todos Santos Big Wave Event Waiting Period Has Begun

The waiting period (February 1st to 28th) for the 2010 Todos Santos Big Wave Event has begun!

The Heats have been drawn and the surfers are on standby for the event. This one day event will take place on the island of Todos Santos, Ensenada, Baja Mexico during the biggest / best day – 30 foot face minimum – of the waiting period with only 72 to 48 hours notice. 24 invitees, the best big wave surfers in the world will compete for the glory to win this prestigious big wave event., the official swell forecaster of the event is planning for a quiet first week with no major swell in sight. This El Nino season has produced plenty of swells so far and the patterns are looking good for more to come. Surfers and organizers are on standby, patiently waiting for the right conditions. The decision to run the event is in the hands of Event Director Gary Linden.
Saturday January 30th, Rogue Wave Events presented the event to the enthusiastic Mexican media during a press conference in Ensenada attended by contestants, Coco Nogales (Mexico) and Rusty Long (California).
The competitors’ names were selected for their heats randomly, from a Mexican sombrero by the media who anxiously waited their turn to draw.
The Heats are as follow:

Heat 1:
Oscar Moncada (Mexico)
Carlos Burle (Brazil)
Nathan Fletcher (USA – California)
Andrew Marr (South Africa)
Greg Long (USA – California)
Taylor Knox (USA – California)
Heat 2:
Dave Wassel (USA – Hawaii)
Chris Bertish (South Africa)
Grant Baker (South Africa)
Gabriel Villaran (Peru)
Kelly Slater (USA – Florida)
Mark Healey (USA – Hawaii)

Heat 3:
Coco Nogales (Mexico)
Ryan Seelbach (USA – California)
Evan Slater (USA – California)
Garrett McNamarra (USA – Hawaii)
Mike Parson (USA)
Jaimie Sterling (Hawaii)
Heat 4:
Shane Dorian (USA – Hawaii)
Rusty Long (USA – California)
Peter Mel (USA – California)
Danilo Couto (Brazil)
Ramon Navarro (Chile)
David Rutherford (Mexico)

Alternates will be on stand by in case invitees cannot get to Todos in time for the event.