Waves Headed Toward La Libertad

Solid swell on tap for inaugural Reef Pro El Salvador

La Libertad, site of the inaugural Reef Pro El Salvador. Photo: Reef

Reef is excited to present the ASP's six-star Reef Pro El Salvador July 9-14, but the premium surf travel brand is especially looking forward to the formidable solid south/southwest swell on the horizon for La Libertad's famed Punta Roca cobblestone point break. Tune into the live webcast at http://www.beachbyte.com/aspna/elsalvador13/#/home.

According to Surfline.com, the event's official forecaster, there is swell on tap for the entire waiting period. The start of the event on Tuesday morning should offer decent size leftovers from a waning swell in the head high range.

"Close on the above swell's heels will be a strong, long period south/southwest swell from a storm recently off the coast of Chile," says Surfline's Lead Forecaster, Kevin Wallis, "This storm took a good track toward Central America and was relatively close to the region as well at around 3000 miles away. Average swells from the Southern Hemisphere for El Salvador come from storms 4000 to 5000 miles away or further."

Wallis is confident in building swell through Tuesday afternoon peaking on Wednesday morning with very solid overhead waves, easing surf on Thursday, and fun leftovers for Friday morning.

"Our final swell during the event will be from the southwest and, at this point, looks much smaller than the mid week south/southwest swell, but still very contestable. If the storm behaves as currently forecast, head-high+ waves will show at Punta Roca for Saturday and Sunday July 13-14, possibly even starting to build as early as Friday afternoon the 12th. Stay tuned."

The first several days of the event will see light and variable winds in the morning and the possibility of weak offshore breezes at times. A moderate south/southwest sea breeze will likely kick in for the afternoons with the only disruption to this pattern being possible passing thunderstorms.

La Libertad is a storied right-hand cobblestone point break that has the ability to get perfect during the Northern Hemisphere summer. First discovered in the 1970s on Surfer Magazine safaris, this historic wave has the potential to barrel with high performance sections ideal for progressive surfing. El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America with epic setups all over its Pacific Coast.

Surfers from around the world will descend on La Libertad for a piece of the $155,000 purse July 9-14, 2013. View the live webcast http://www.beachbyte.com/aspna/elsalvador13/#/home.