Pull a Leash Go to Jail?

Pull a Leash Go to Jail?

You cannot escape the watchful eye of the internet. There is no use trying. Last spring I was surfing an isolated spot in Big Sur, solely because it was isolated. Just me and a friend who'd driven hours to get there, thrilled that one [...]

Occy Gets the Kaiborg Treatment in Newest Occ-Cast

Occy Gets the Kaiborg Treatment

How many of these Occ-Casts has Occy made now? *Checks screen* Oh, 35. Okay. Well, this surely was his most challenging yet. Occ sat down with Kai “Borg” Garcia, and, well, didn’t seem like he knew what he wanted to a[...]

I Dream of Surf

What Do Your Surf Dreams Mean?

The best wave I've ever surfed is a novelty right-hander that spins up inside a sandspit-protected harbor in the little Central Coast town where I grew up. At a glance, the setup doesn't seem like it should be capable of producing surf[...]

Stirring the Melting Pot

Surf Culture Needs More Diversity

A friend of mine who owns a surf brand recently received an absolutely bonkers series of racist emails. The sender purchased my friend's product online, then somehow figured out his ethnicity after the fact. Before the order arrived, t[...]

Revealed: Gidget Working at Duke’s in Malibu

Gidget Working at Duke’s in Malibu

A college professor of mine, a man deeply immersed in pop culture history, sent me, just this morning, a charmingly-written mini-profile of Kathy Kohner, the inspiration behind Gidget. You know the story, right? In 1957, Kohner's fathe[...]