Revealed: Gidget Working at Duke’s in Malibu

Gidget Working at Duke’s in Malibu

A college professor of mine, a man deeply immersed in pop culture history, sent me, just this morning, a charmingly-written mini-profile of Kathy Kohner, the inspiration behind Gidget. You know the story, right? In 1957, Kohner's fathe[...]

Let’s Celebrate Bob Simmons

Let's Celebrate Bob Simmons

The history of our sport is filled with tinkering oddballs who’ve spent big chunks of their lives making the surfboard a better tool. God bless each and every one of them. Where would we be without them? Sliding around on alaias,[...]

More (Or Less) Core Division

Culture: More (Or Less) Core Division

I recently sat down at a bar in the San Diego airport while waiting for a flight to San Francisco, and the bartender and I got to talking about surfing. He asked me what my home break was, and when I told him Ocean Beach, his eyes wide[...]

Tandem Surfing: Bring it Back

Tandem Surfing: Bring it Back

The Doheny Surf Festival--a feel-good throwback to Beach Blanket Bebop days of yore--was held over the weekend in Dana Point. There were historic boards galore, hula dances, beer gardens, decades of surf memorabilia, and a whole lotta [...]