Master of Some

Master of Some

It was a fishing line that saved my life. A wisp of monofilament thread, just a hairsbreadth in width, nearly invisible to the naked eye, about as insubstantial as physical objects get. Nevertheless, it was strong enough. When I reache[...]

Local Sells Coveted Place in San Francisco Lineup

Local Sells Coveted Place in SF Lineup

Where would we be without satire? Without parody? Would we truly know ourselves? Would be able to access the deeper truths, too painful to touch, without the soothing balm of cynical, acerbic comedy? No, I say. Take, for example, this [...]

Occy Gets the Kaiborg Treatment in Newest Occ-Cast

Occy Gets the Kaiborg Treatment

How many of these Occ-Casts has Occy made now? *Checks screen* Oh, 35. Okay. Well, this surely was his most challenging yet. Occ sat down with Kai “Borg” Garcia, and, well, didn’t seem like he knew what he wanted to a[...]