Getting skunked in the tropics isn’t so bad. You can swim in the ocean, drink some beers, get a tan, swim some more, have a mai tai, get tanner. And on and on until you stumble to the airport, hungover and sunburned. See? Fun. Getting skunked in Canada, in the middle of winter, however, is not as fun. Makes planning for a Canadian surf trip dicey as hell.

But that’s no reason not to cross your fingers and click that “Buy Ticket” button anyway. How else can you find out what’s around the next forest-choked, possibly bear-infested bend in the coast? Sure, it’s freezing and it’s wet and, like I said, bears. But how many more tropical surf trips can you possibly look at? Oh, good: Indo again. Great, Puerto is pumping. Yawn. Seen it a zillion times. What else ya got?

And that’s the essence of travel, right there—What else ya got? Yes, yes, it’s gray and freezing and Canada, and there’s always the possibility of warbly swell and bad winds (and bear attacks), but that’s half the fun.

Join filmmakers and photographers Alex Craig, Ben Gulliver, and Jeremy Koreski on their gambler’s shot in the cold, Canadian dark with local pros Pete Devries and Noah Cohen. Fun.

(There are no bear attacks in this video).