“This is very much your [American surfers’] story! It’s about the American pioneers that came to Europe with no idea what awaited them and found perfect waves and exotic new cultures. In doing so they inspired a continent of coastal kids to follow in their footsteps,” Director Matt Crocker said about his and James Dean’s new documentary film “Endless Winter II; Surfing Europe.”

The two British filmmakers tell the story of the classic surf trail from England to Morocco pioneered by surfers in the 60s. “Endless Winter II; Surfing Europe” also shows the influence these surf pioneers left on European surfing over five decades later by visiting notable European surf spots with contemporary pros such as Kepa Acero, Mark Harris, Pauline Ado and more. The film is a blend of classic surf history mixed with modern European surfing. It’s an adventure spanning a continent diverse in both culture and waves. “Endless Winter II; Surfing Europe” has been making the rounds on the film festival circuit and racking up awards along the way.

“Endless Winter II; Surfing Europe” is now available on Vimeo On Demand here
and Amazon here.

Below are some photos taken during production and featured in the film.

In the film, French photographer Sylvain Cazenave reminisces about seeing American surfers in Europe in the 60s, “They were living in their vans on the beach, listening to some weird music and surfing like gods. This was a totally different world to us.” Photo: Pete Bounds

Abdel El Harim in Morocco. Photo: Lucia Griggi

A modern surf gypsy rig travels the same trail adventurous surfers did a half century ago. Photo: Lucia Griggi

Old world waves. Photo: Lucia Griggi

Imagine flying to a different continent, not knowing what kind of waves to expect, or knowing if there’ll be any waves at all, and finding Mundaka. This was the experience of Surfer’s traveling to Europe in the 60s. Photo: Lucia Griggi

The perpetually positive Basque native and Mundaka local Kepa Acero. Photo: Lucia Griggi