Greening the Triple Crown

Curbing that surf contest waste

When thousands of visitors descend on a surf contest site, they leave behind a ton of trash in their wake. And it takes a massive amount of energy to run a World Tour event, from fueling the generators that power the electricity used to produce the webcasts, to flying staffmembers—not to mention that giant wooden desk for the commentators—all around the world. Vans decided to reduce the environmental impact of the Triple Crown, so they’ve teamed up with Sustainable Surf to run the events at Haleiwa, Sunset, and Pipe with as minimal impact as possible. Sustainable Surf, this year’s Surfer Poll Agent of Change Award winner, is just the group to help, having teamed up with contest sponsors and the ASP to run a select group of events in totally carbon neutral fashion. Vans sent teamrider, and smiler-in-chief, Dane Gudauskas to Hawaii to learn how surf contests—and surf culture in general—can clean up its environmental act.