Where would we be without satire? Without parody? Would we truly know ourselves? Would be able to access the deeper truths, too painful to touch, without the soothing balm of cynical, acerbic comedy?

No, I say.

Take, for example, this multi-faceted and very biting Craigslist post in San Francisco this past weekend. That’s it, the poster declares, facetiously, one presumes—I’m outta here. Take my hard-earned place in the Ocean Beach lineup, a tough nut to crack.

“Well below Marty” — that’s Marty Magnusen, longtime Kelly’s Cove standout, and frankly, most of us here are way below the man, but “way above a Mollusk guy” — a cruel reference to the alternative board-riding surfer, much looked down upon here unless they possess the ripping ability of a Ryan Burch.

$37 is a strange price, perhaps a reference to the poster’s age, a time sometimes associated with waning interest in surfing as performance declines take a deep cut.

Saturday Night Live, are you reading? Give this dark-humored surfer a writing role.

Does pose an interesting question though. Would you buy or sell a position in a localized lineup? For how much?