Meet OTIS: The Eco Surf Rig

Get to know OTIS, self-contained sustainable trailer perfection


How cozy does that look?

Green Mountain College in Vermont would like to build you the perfect self-sufficient surf trailer. It’s called OTIS (Optimal Traveling Independent Space), and will run you around $10,000. It’s also stylish as hell, made from reclaimed materials, and can be towed by most any decently-powered car. You can live in the thing quite comfortably; in fact, that’s the point. It’s chock full of all you need to spend two months driving from Washington to Baja: a composting toilet; rainwater collection system; wood-burning stove; stainless steel sink. All your 21st Century electricity needs are powered by a 120w solar panel. The whole hobbit house fits comfortably on a 5′ x 8′ open bed trailer. Like your favorite shortboard, students designed the OTIS on a computer, then used a CNC machine to fabricate the parts. OTIS wasn’t exactly designed for surf adventuring, but it looks the ideal companion.


This could be you. Rolling in your minivan with style.