You cannot escape the watchful eye of the internet. There is no use trying. Last spring I was surfing an isolated spot in Big Sur, solely because it was isolated. Just me and a friend who'd driven hours to get there, thrilled that one end of the highway was still blocked to through traffic after a landslide, keeping the hordes at bay. Beautiful afternoon, just the two of us. Then, a buzzing. We looked up to see a drone hovering just above. A lone operator perched on a nearby bluff. There's no running anymore. Eyes are everywhere.

Anyway, you've prob seen this already if you're as absorbed by the matrix as we are. The other day, Danielle Lyons was surfing near the Venice Pier alongside one Wagner Lima. Lyons, on a longboard, caught a little one-foot peeler at the peak and began stylish matriculating down the line. Lima, on what looks like a Hypto Krypto, was paddling on the shoulder, let Lyons go by, then got to his feet behind her and tugged her leash, pitching Lyons into the soup.

Lyons was being filmed at the time by an NBC TV crew because she's hosting Senegalese surfer and Olympic hopeful Khadjou Sambe. Lima's lame leash pull was captured on film not only by the NBC crew but by Rhonda Harper, of the Black Girls Surf club, who was shooting photos on the pier.

Back in the parking lot, Lima and Lyons exchanged words, but, oh, that was not nearly the end of it.