Loosen your boardshorts, untie those bikini straps, undo whatever you have to undo to slink out of a one-piece—it’s National Nude Day! The “holiday” started in New Zealand in 1976, though nobody apparently really knows why, or how, but it exists anyway, overshadowed in importance—and just barely—by France’s Bastille Day.

Speaking of Bastille Day, this is in fact a wonderful time of year to be in France, in Biarritz, say, sampling the Basque coast’s delightful summer wave bounty, along with its shellfish and light, spritzy rosés and funky ciders. One could in fact celebrate both National Nude Day and Bastille Day at the same time by soaring along the walls of a French beachbreak completely in the buff while pondering the historical importance of the storming of the Bastille and the greater implications of the French Revolution for European political economy.

Take our man Brad Gerlach in the above clip. Is he shackled by prudishness? Do you think he’s ashamed of the human body? Governed by a puritanical set of blindered worldviews? Feeling a terrible chafing in places unaccustomed to the tug of sticky wax on soft body parts? No, no, no, and yes.

But chafing or no, he’s free, and like the ancient Polynesians who gave us surfing, Gerlach forever knows the sheer bliss that comes from surfing in the nude. On this National Nude Day, maybe it’s time the rest of us learned that joy, too?