Surfer Band Roundup

Let's dive in to the musical talents (?) of our favorite surfers

I stumbled across Creed McTaggart’s band while doing some deep internet diving last week and it led me down a rabbit hole of exploring the finest music our surf stars have offered over the years. I’m sure that I’m missing a zillion famous surfer bands here, but let’s take a stroll through the musical gardens of these phenomenally talented surfers, some of whom are also talented musicians. I’ll leave it to you to decide which.

Wash – Creed McTaggart (vocals, bass) Ellis Erickson (guitar) and Beau Foster (drums) “Sasha Grey”
The only line I understand in this song is: “Sasha Grey, you and me baby every day.” Did you know Sasha Grey is a former porn star? Every day? Really?

Blister – Noa Deane. “Barbie69”
According to an article I read a few minutes ago but can’t find anymore, Noa made this record by himself, in his parent’s basement, which is awesome and also obvious upon listening.

Tom Curren “Summerland Road”
This is actually a pretty good song! Like one minor key away from being a Don Henley classic. I also can’t help but expect to hear a voiceover about “Checking with your doctor before you begin taking Cialis,” but still, not a bad effort at all.

Tomorrow’s Tulips – Alex Knost and Ford Archbold. “Flowers on the Wall”
I think the best part of this song is actually the comment battle below the video.

Goons of Doom – Ozzie Wright. “Anti Bad-Vibe Shield”
This is by far the best song in this post. Make of that what you will.

Timmy Curran “With Me Now”
Tim Curran was such an incredible surfer when he was on Tour. Probably most underrated pro in my memory. So here’s a song he wrote and played in front of recording equipment.

Donavon Frankenreiter “Little Shack”
Right now this exact song is playing in every wine bar and high-end candle/Pendleton blanket boutique between Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz.

Jack Johnson “You and Your Heart”
You know that Jack Johnson rips very hard right? Because he does. Harder than you ever will. Also, he has an honorary doctorate from UC Santa Barbara. Or at least, he really should.

The Surfers – Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Peter King. “Hawaii”
It occurs to me that if you’re under 32 or so years old, you might not remember that, back in 1997, Kelly Slater and Rob Machado and #tournotes creator Peter King had a band called, if you can believe this, “The Surfers.” This album has to be the second most common CD in used CD racks at music stores worldwide. The most common is, of course, REM’s “Monster.”