Surfing’s Best Beards 2.0

Round Two of our tribute to the finest beards in surf

We just couldn’t help ourselves.

John Haffey

The rastafarian Gandalf of Leucadia. You think it sucks to stand on your leash during takeoff? Just imagine all the times Haffey's paddled into a sweet little peeler only to pop up with a foot on his own beard. It's not often that a beard is so big it inhibits locomotion. Haffey's in rarefied air here. Photo: Morris

Jack O'Neill

Heath Joske

Remember that mid-heat soul arch at J-Bay? His beard's idea. Photo: Kidman

(Beards We've Loved and Lost)

Josh Redman

Redman, with his voluminous, Amish-style Donegan, wouldn't have looked out of place driving around Indiana in a horse-drawn buggy or sweating under a wide-brimmed hat whilst erecting a barn. But sadly, we'll have no more shots of Redman's beard poking out of South African barrels as he's recently shorn his wool. Blasphemer. Photo: Specker

Matt Hoy

A near perfect synthesis of man and beard was dissolved this year after Hoyo went mainstream and ditched his multi-hued Viking warrior's facial shield. Hoyo surfs like a Australian Viking would have, with barely-contained animal aggression fueled by furious bouts of beer drinking. Lucky for us, that kind of surfing is like Rogaine for your face. We'll see the legendary Hoyo beard again. Photo: Maassen

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