The Slow is Fast Tour

A very Malloy bike trip along the California coast

Men. Doing manly man stuff. Guys with beards driving tractors, harvesting crops, riding horses, driving pickup trucks. Dirty fingers wrenching dirty nuts. Men holding slabs of meat. Hammering metal on anvils. Breaking rocks. Throwing hatchets. Men tracking footprints and building fires and hauling fish out of the sea. This is the Malloy way.

Last September, Dan Malloy and friends Kellen Keene and Kanoa Zimmerman hopped on a train in southern California, rode it into the far reaches of Central California, then pedaled their way back down the coast, surfboards, hand planes, and man gear in tow, all in an effort to connect with the “real” California. Did they succeed? You be the judge. Malloy and company put together a book, Slow is Fast, documenting their staycation. They’re now going on a book tour, retracing their steps from San Francisco to San Diego, and also showing a little film they put together about their trip, Moving Pictures.

Details about the tour, which begins August 2nd, can be found here.