Dave Netterstrom, the mayor of Cocoa Beach, Florida wants to build you a surf stadium. Specifically Netterstrom and a local group calling itself the First Peak Project want to build a 1,300-foot pier jutting out like a bent elbow into the Atlantic that will focus dreamy little wedges onto the Cocoa Beach sands, a lá Sebastian Inlet. On top of this pier the pair are envisioning surf contest watching amenities galore. Plans also call for artificial reef habitat to cling to the sides of the pier pilings. This will involve something called a sabellariid worm, which is also called a “Reef Building Tube Worm” and is a real thing, not a creature from Dune.

A couple of Wave Loch engineers are also on board with the project. "Why not do something truly unique and build the first pier that's designed for surf enhancement?" asks Tim Hearin, one of the Wave Loch scientists involved in the plans. A better question might be: Why is it that the designs the First Peak Project has made available so far depict only left-breaking peaks? Goofyfoot conspiracy maybe? Especially strange considering that the whole thing is based on the righthanders of Sebastian Inlet. As always, there are financial concerns. But if Cocoa Beach wants to bathe in those surf tourism dollars, they’re going to need waves. We’ll keep on eye on it.


Photo: First Peak Project