The Surfer's Path, 1997-2014

The Surfer’s Path, 1997-2014

The Surfer’s Path, founded in 1997 by Alex Dick-Read, former Caribbean correspondent for the Associated Press, has announced that its soon-to-be published 100th Issue will be its last. Part high-brow surf-culture commentary, part environmental watchdog, The Surfer’s Path was founded in Cornwall, England. For many American readers, The Surfer’s Path was one of the first indications that surfing even existed in England, of all places. It isn’t the only British surf mag out there—Carve and Glide are still going strong—but The Surfer’s Path has typically appeared in American surf shop racks more often than its British brethren. It’s always been a pleasant read, one completely devoid of any interest in the pro surf scene, and, for that matter, the biggest names in surf stardom. It’s also long included a healthy dose of “ride anything” content, way before that was in vogue. The action shots weren’t often of the best surfing quality, but they reflected the surf world most of us live in. Godspeed, The Surfer’s Path.