Hang some bananas from the ceiling, throw a resin-tinted single fin on the couch, and your #vanlife posts will be complete.

Do you have the #vanlife desire and the #vanlife van but not the #vanlife DIY skills to #vanlife properly? Well, click right this way for an easy #vanlife solution. Wayfarer Vans, which, whether they intended it or not, is a name mashup of two of surfing’s most iconic bits of fashion, has figured out an ingenious way to easily convert a cargo van into a readily Instagrammable liveaboard.

For roughly $4,700, Wayfarer will sell you a dialed-in cargo floor, table, decorative and insulating wall panels, and kitchen and bed boxes for storage/sleeping/eating. Lots of colors, lots of styles. It’s almost, almost, like you did it yourself—#ADIY, I guess. Best part: the whole thing takes like 30 minutes to set up, according to the video below.

There is a great big enormous catch, though. The system only works for 2015 /2016 Dodge Ram Promaster City Tradesmen or Tradesmen SLT vans. I know, I know, you just bought a 2014 model. Well, you get to full-on DIY that one.

Is it more fulfilling and does it add an air of snobby legitimacy to your #vanlife Instagram posts if you actually hew and sand and curse your way through a totally custom van conversion without the aid of a pre-fab kit? Of course! But are you converting a van to convert a van or are you quitting your job and tearing up your lease and converting a van to actually drive around and live in the damn thing? 30 minutes with this Wayfarer kit, and boom, you’re outta here, out on the road, chasing south swells, luring foxy bar patrons back to your beachside van, just livin’ the dream. L-I-V-I-N-‘.