Maybe the Fountain of Youth that Juan Ponce de León sailed the world in search of in the early 1500s was actually right under the bow of his boat. Look at Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, and Taylor Knox — all approaching 50, but you’d never guess it. Is it possible the ocean is actually the sought-after “water of life”?

Taylor just celebrated his 46th birthday, but his surfing isn’t even close to slowing down. While many of his former ‘CT peers have long since moved on from professional surfing to coach, work in broadcasting, or work in the industry, Taylor (along with Kelly, Rob, and Shane) are the last men of the Momentum generation still paid to surf. And, amazingly, they’ve hardly lost a step. Just watch Taylor’s latest edit, filmed and edited by Sam Moody. It’s shot entirely in North County, San Diego and at Lowers, and puts Taylor’s smooth lines on lovely display. A three-minute edit, and not one air! It’s been 10 years since Taylor’s biopic, Arc, but you can’t help but think his surfing today still belongs in that film.

Taylor Knox, forever young.