Design Forum: Rusty Surfboards’ Chew Toy

Design Forum: Rusty's Chew Toy

For those of us who might have struggled on to make the well-rockered, unconscionably narrow, high-performance blades of yore go in average surf (or any surf, for that matter), the short-wide-flat trend in high performance shortboards [...]

Design Forum: Tomo’s SKX Model

Design Forum: Tomo's SKX

Mad scientists are destined to be misunderstood. That's par for the course, especially in surfing. Though we may cling to our counterculture heritage, we surfers tend to be conservatively minded in regards to innovation. Likewise, thou[...]

The Perfect Summer Mid-length

The Perfect Summer Mid-length

It should be abundantly clear these days that the appeal of alternative or traditional surf craft has sunk its retro teeth into the masses. As shortboard shapers have adopted the wider outlines, flatter rockers, and fuller volumes firs[...]

Design Forum: Clint Preisendorfer on Rusty Surfboards’ Chupacabra Model

Design Forum: Rusty's Chupacabra

For those on either coast of the United States, the full-volume season is upon us. It's certainly not the most exhilarating time of year to be a surfer, especially if you're confined to your local breaks. And although board makers will[...]

Matt Parker on Album Surf’s Disasym Model

Design Forum: Album's "Disasym"

Although asymmetric surfboards have been the subject of fascination in some left of field circles since the mid-1960s, when San Diego's Carl Ekstrom first tinkered with the design, misconceptions about the design endure. Specifically t[...]