Design Forum: Channel Islands Bonzer 3D

The CI Bonzer 3D

Duncan and Malcolm Campbell’s Bonzer design should have revolutionized surfing when it first appeared in the early ’70s. With a clustered fin setup and dramatic double concave bottom contour, The Bonzer represented a drasti[...]

Can it Be? Fins Changing the Game?

Can it Be? Fins Changing the Game?

The faster you go, the faster you go. This zen koan is also the clever-ish tagline selling Quobba fins, an Australian company that's using the Margies event to shock the world (maybe) with their new fin design. Glenn Miller and Wayne B[...]

Design Forum: Album Surfboard’s Insanity Model

Design Forum: Album’s Insanity Model

Since launching in the early 2000s, Southern California's Album Surfboards has cultivated worldwide intrigue, adapting an emphasis on elegant, minimal aesthetics to a range of distinctive, functional shapes built for a variety of waves[...]

Design Forum: The Andreini Vaquero

Design Forum: The Andreini Vaquero

It was sometime in the late 1960s. Master California shaper Marc Andreini, a then-15-year-old surf-obsessed grom, was captaining a Boston Whaler along the coast of the hollowed Hollister Ranch when he pulled into the cove at Government[...]

Design Forum: Trimcraft’s Alt-Performance Shortboard, the t.Rev

Design Forum: Trimcraft’s 't.Rev'

A couple of years ago, Santa Barbara shaper Ryan Lovelace's career was at an impasse. Approaching 30, he'd already been shaping for a full one-third of his life, piquing the interests of inquisitive surf enthusiasts with offbeat, yet h[...]