Design Forum: The Andreini Vaquero

Design Forum: The Andreini Vaquero

It was sometime in the late 1960s. Master California shaper Marc Andreini, a then-15-year-old surf-obsessed grom, was captaining a Boston Whaler along the coast of the hollowed Hollister Ranch when he pulled into the cove at Government[...]

Design Forum: Trimcraft’s Alt-Performance Shortboard, the t.Rev

Design Forum: Trimcraft’s 't.Rev'

A couple of years ago, Santa Barbara shaper Ryan Lovelace’s career was at an impasse. Approaching 30, he’d already been shaping for a full one-third of his life, piquing the interests of inquisitive surf enthusiasts with offbeat, y[...]

By Snow And By Sea

Design Forum: By Snow And By Sea

A decade ago, at a summer spot south of Cannon Beach along the Oregon Coast, Colter Deupree waxed up one of his self-shaped boards for the first time. At a glance, you’d think that Deupree’s creation was better suited for M[...]

The Featherweight Future

Design Forum: The Featherweight Future

Surfers often follow a herd mentality. (Haven’t you noticed that every time you pick an empty beachbreak peak to paddle out at, someone will paddle up right next to you rather than to the identical empty peak down the beach?) For bet[...]