And Now a Gorgeous Surfboard: Zack Flores’ Jim Phillips-Inspired Log

And Now a Gorgeous Surfboard

9’6″ x 22 1/2″ "I started shaping when I was 10, just making boards in my garage," says 18-year-old shaper and logger Zack Flores. "I started by watching Jim Phillips—I just sat in his room for 2 years watching [...]

Take a Look Inside Torren Martyn’s Groovy Quiver

Inside Torren Martyn's Quiver

If you were to peek inside the garage of any pro surfer and rummage through their quiver, you’d likely find a standard range of shapes: normal shortboards, grovelers, knifed-out barrel threaders, step-ups and a few “alterna[...]

Design Forum: Channel Islands OG Flyer

CI's Best-selling Board of All Time

A couple of months ago when we interviewed Byron Bay shortboard pioneer, Bob McTavish, he praised Al Merrick for a board the legendary Channel Islands founder/shaper made for Tom Curren in the 1980's, which McTavish called "the first [...]

Board Forum: Sebastian Zietz’ Mentawai Quiver

What's in Sebastian Zietz' Board Bag?

With his ferocious power game and proclivity toward tucking in deep behind thick-lipped curtains, the 6-foot, 170-pound Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz is as tough on his surfboards as any pro on tour. On this episode of SURFER's[...]

Design Forum: Rusty Surfboards SD Model

Rusty's Versatile Summer Tri

For Rusty Surfboard's newest groveler, the SD, diversity seems to be the guiding principle. If you live in a region like San Diego, you know that even an underwhelming swell will produce a variety of conditions between North and South [...]

Design Forum: Daniel Thomson on Tomo’s Hydronaut Model

The Hydronaut; A Futuristic Step-up

With the summer doldrums in full effect on both coasts of the US, it may be hard to imagine yourself stroking for an overhead-plus screamer, but if the summertime blues have forced your hand into pulling the trigger on a surf excursion[...]