Design Forum: Clint Preisendorfer on Rusty Surfboards’ Chupacabra Model

Design Forum: Rusty's Chupacabra

For those on either coast of the United States, the full-volume season is upon us. It's certainly not the most exhilarating time of year to be a surfer, especially if you're confined to your local breaks. And although board makers will[...]

Matt Parker on Album Surf’s Disasym Model

Design Forum: Album's "Disasym"

Although asymmetric surfboards have been the subject of fascination in some left of field circles since the mid-1960s, when San Diego's Carl Ekstrom first tinkered with the design, misconceptions about the design endure. Specifically t[...]

Design Forum: Britt Merrick on Channel Islands’ CI Twin

Design Forum: CI's New Twinny

Is there anything more satisfying than a solid garage sale find? Not if it's a surfboard.  Just ask Britt Merrick. The visionary Channel Islands shaper’s friend scored a fetching, pre-thruster era winged twin at a Southern Calif[...]

Design Forum: Album Surfboard’s Insanity Model

Design Forum: Album’s Insanity Model

Since launching in the early 2000s, Southern California's Album Surfboards has cultivated worldwide intrigue, adapting an emphasis on elegant, minimal aesthetics to a range of distinctive, functional shapes built for a variety of waves[...]

Design Forum: Daniel Thomson’s Sci-Fi Model

Design Forum: Tomo's Sci-Fi

Since hitting the shelves in 2017, the Tomo/Slater Designs Sci-Fi model has become one of the most wildly popular surfboards in recent memory. As the first of the Kelly Slater/Daniel Thomson collaborations, it's hardly a surprise a par[...]