The faster you go, the faster you go.

This zen koan is also the clever-ish tagline selling Quobba fins, an Australian company that's using the Margies event to shock the world (maybe) with their new fin design.

Glenn Miller and Wayne Blakeney, owners of the biz, have spent a couple million dollars, and, believe it or not, four decades coming up with the design.

"Basically being a surfer all my life I just wanted to make a surfboard go faster,” Miller told ABC Australia.

The fins have a flared-out ridge, about half an inch above the bottom of the board, with a hollow space underneath. The idea is the strange design is meant to create a low-pressure pocket at the fin's leading edge, reducing drag, I think anyway, and increasing speed.

The quicker water moves around the fin, the lower the pressure at the leading edge gets, and, if their design is correct, the faster the fins can move through the water. Hence, the bit of zen poetry in their marketing.

"It's like a turbo," Miller says.

I’m a skeptic by nature, especially of engineering tricks that the big boy fin companies haven’t already figured out. But Brazilian pro Jano Belo who lives near Margies won a local contest with the fins screwed in a few weeks back. So we know they work at least as well as regular fins.

Check out the vid above for some Quobbas in action. Looks like regular ripping to me, but who knows, maybe the fins are making it way easier.

How do they feel? No idea. We'll try to get our hands on some and report back. But they look interesting, right?