After Stu Kennedy’s success as a wildcard at Snapper last year on the Sci-Fi, his shaper Daniel “Tomo” Thomson decided Stuey deserved his own model. So he made one: the ‘SKX’. According to Tomo, who breaks down the new design with SURFER editor Todd Prodanovich in the video above, the SKX is different than the Sci-Fi in that its design elements are conducive to trickier ocean conditions. “My philosophy with a lot of my designs is, at ground level, every board should work well in crappy conditions,” says Thomson. “That lends itself to the fact the board is really efficient in a low-power situation. It’ll also work well in conditions I designed it for: more unruly ocean where a planing hull wide tail might be a little too extreme, with too much lift and speed. The channel out the tail and the squash tail [are] going to give you a little more control in those situations. So it really is a classic all-arounder.”

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